Integrating Procore with Site App Pro

Achieving Seamless Data Sync between Procore and Site App Pro

Feature Alert: Integrations are only available to our Premium & Enterprise customers only

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Integrating your Procore Projects and Users with Site App Pro allows you to easily set up company-wide and site-specific inductions, pre-start, inspection checklists, equipment, hazard registers, SWMS, and more.

You can also:

  • Complete Safety Tasks Using the Site App Pro Mobile App and Access Records Instantly in your Procore Docs. 
  • You can monitor on-site time through your Procore Daily Log.
  • Enhance your User Engagement in Safety Compliance.


These 2 requirements to get this going:

  • Integration Requirement - Users must have a valid subscription to Site App Pro.
  • Procore Required Tools - Document | Portfolio (Projects) | Daily Log | Directory

Data Sync between Site App Pro & Procore

Instructions to connect Procore

Step 1: Install the app from Procore Marketplace

  • Log in to your Procore Account
  • Go to Procore Market Place

Step 2: Search & Install Site app Pro in Procore

  • Search for 'Site App Pro'
  • Click on the 'Install App' button
  • On the Add Permitted Projects Screen, DO NOT select any project, click on the orange add button.

Step 3: Add Permissions

  • Go to your Core Tools section in Procore
  • Click on Permissions

  • Click on the Project Permission Templates - To create Global Permission Templates that will be applied to all Projects
  • Click on Create Project Premision Template
  • Select the Project(Global) - Assignable to All Project
  • Create Global Permissions

Step 4: Ensure the permissions are set as follows

  • Admin - Admin
  • Directory - Ready Only
  • Documents - Standard
  • Daily Log - Admin

Notes: You do not need to tick boxes that may appear when you click on Directory or Documents

Step 5: View Permission

When you view the Permissions tab under the App Management view of Site App Pro, the permissions will display as follows:

Step 6: Apply Template

  • Go to your Core Tools
  • Click on Directory
  • Find the User and Select the User

Step 7: Select Default Template

  • Edit the selected user
  • Scroll down to Project Settings section
  • Ensure both checkboxes are ticked
  • Click on Select Default Template

Step 8: Choose the Template

  • Click on the Select Default Template
  • Select the Site App Pro Permission Template
  • Click Apply

Note: The default permissions template will now display the correct template. The permissions are now set for any new Projects added in Procore.

Step 9: Apply the Template to existing Projects in Procore

To apply the templates to existing projects in Procore that will sync through to Site App Pro, 

  • Head to the App Management Menu
  • Click on view
  • Click on the Permissions tab
  • Select the Project you want to import in Site App Pro. The Procore set-up is done!!

Instructions to connect Procore & Site App Pro

Step 1: Site App Pro Integration

  • Log into your Site App Pro Web Console
  • Go to My Business Tab
  • Click on the Integrations Tab

Step 2: Connect with Procore

  • Click on the Integrate with Procore button
  • This will redirect you to the Procore login page
  • Sign in using your email ID & password

  • Once you have successfully connected you will see the following success page - Click on the link to navigate back to Site App Pro

Step 3: Load Projects

  • Head back into My Business
  • Click on the Integrations tab
  • Click on the Load Project button
  • Select the ones you want to sync with Site App Pro
  • Click on Import Companies
  • Head to the Integration log to see more details

  • Completing certain forms in Site App Pro will generate records in the Daily logs. This feature can be enabled/disabled in Export Settings.

Note: Changes in Procore Projects, Users, and Companies are updated in Site App Pro. Forms/Checklists completed by imported Procore Users are exported to your Procore Project Documents folder. Choose which Form categories to send back to Procore in Export Settings.

Data Log

  • Check-in & out will show the time spent on-site by your imported Procore Users under Manpower Logs
  • Completing a form instance with 'Form Category' or 'Form Type' of "Inspection Reporting" will create an Inspection Log.
  • Any completed "Near Miss" and "Site Incident and Injury Register" forms will add an Accident Log
  • If a Visitor checks in/out using the Public Visitor Register a Visitor Log is created

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