Zapier Integration Guide

Feature Alert: Integrations are only available to our Premium & Enterprise customers only

Here's a guide on how to set up a Zapier integration. This guide will walk you through setting up an integration between any 3rd party system using Zapier and Site App Pro. This integration will automatically push information like Sites, Staff & Completed Forms in Site App Pro when added (Depending on Zapier Subscription)

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Sign up or Log in to Zapier

You can automate end-to-end complete workflow with the help of Zapier. Log in to Zapier if you already have an account with Zapier or you can quickly Sign up and create a new Zapier account - Zapier

Zapier Invitation

Once you've logged in or signed up, we will email you Site App Pro <> Zapier integration invite. This will require you to share the email address you used to create your Zapier account. You will receive a confirmation email that requires your acceptance. Let us know once you have done this

Setting you Zapier

Once you have accepted the integration invite from us you can start to set you your Zapier account. You will need your Org ID from us, so please request it to complete the integration. The set-up is broken into 3 stages :

Stage 1: Log into your Zapier Account 

  1. Click on the lightning icon to go the Zaps section
  2. Click on Create to create new zaps
  3. Name the Project / Zap
  4. Click on Trigger button - Set the first step (trigger) to link to the platform they are integrating with Site App Pro 
  5. This will prompt you to select both the App and the Event  - EG: this would be SimPro and New Job in SimPro (event). You choose from any app that can connect with Zapier i.e. Simpro, Service M8, etc
  6. Click Continue
  7. This will also prompt you to sign in to your 3rd party system, Simpro in this instance

Stage 2 - Site App Pro Connection

  1. You will now set the 2nd Trigger by clicking on the Trigger Button
  2. This will prompt you to select both the App and the Event i.e Site App Pro and Create Site
  3. Click Continue
  4. This will prompt you to log into your Site App Pro account

Stage 3: Completing Integration

The key step in the next stage is to link the Org ID  in Site App Pro to the ORGANISATION ID field under the Step Details section. If this is not linked the Zapier will not work. Reach out to our team to know your 4-digit org id. You will need to fill in the mandatory fields like - Site Name, Org ID, Site Address. You also have the option to send across project manager's details as well.

Once you are happy with the field and the set you switch on the toggle to activate the integration and you are DONE!

Feeling Stuck? Reach out to your Customer Success Manager!

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