Changing Site or Job on the Mobile

Change between sites on your Mobile when completing your Health & Safety forms.

Sites or Jobs are what you save your forms against, that way you can clearly identify the location your form was completed on. 

Sites or Jobs can be created on both the Computer Login before you get to site or on the fly using the Mobile App. 

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Changing between Sites or Jobs

This step is the first step you will always do when using the App, that way your forms will be saved in the correct place. 

  1. Click the site name at the top of the app (below the date) 
  2. Choose the job you are working on that day 
  3. If your locations services are turned on and address is set up on the Computer login then the job you're closest to will show up at the top

Now when you complete forms or check-in/out the forms will be saved against that site or job. 

Viewing Site information 

Now that you've selected the correct site you can view information related to that job that was set up on the Computer login.

To view this: 

  1. Click the three lines in the top left corner (menu icon)
  2. Go to Sites (this may be labeled differently depending on how your Admin of your account set this up)
  3. View site information for that site or any attached resources

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