User Roles

In Site App Pro we have several User roles.  Below is a brief description of what each role can do.

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User Overview

Access Admin Manager Tablet Manager Field Worker Contractor Internal Verifier External Verifier
Web Console
Mobile App
Complete Forms
Access to Multiple Organisations
Add/Edit Sites on Mobile
Add/Edit Users on Mobile
Add/Edit Suppliers on Mobile
Add/Edit Equipment on Mobile
View Private Forms on Mobile
Access Billing Portal
The web is View Only


The  highest-level user is the Admin User, which is automatically created when you register your email address in the Setup Wizard. To set up more Admin users, go to the Staff & Users page on the Administration Console. 

If you have multiple Site App Pro accounts you can set yourself up as an Admin User across each account with the same email address and password. 

  • Full access to the Administration Console
  • Full access to the Mobile App 
  • Full access to Payment Details 

Field Worker & Contractor 

To access the app, you can create a Field Worker account. This account is intended for staff members who will be completing forms on tablets or their personal mobile devices. For tablets, set up a Field Worker user account. For individual staff, create separate Field Worker accounts. 

They will be able to:

  • Access to the Mobile App 
  • Can't add or edit Staff on the Mobile App 
  • Can only view their own completed form from the Saved Forms page

A Contractor possesses the same capabilities as a field worker. However, you have the option to enable the use of their email address across multiple Site App Pro accounts. This means that if a contractor works for multiple companies that use Site App Pro, they can use the same email address for all of them. 


The Manager User has similar privileges to the Admin User but with certain limitations. Specifically, a Manager can only be created within a single Site App Pro account.  

They will be able to:

  • Access to the Administration Console 
  • Full access to the Mobile App 
  • Can't view Payment Details 
  • Can't add or edit Admin Users 

Internal Verifier

The Internal Verifier User role is designed for managers who oversee multiple sites and require oversight of form completion. This role provides the ability to assist in staff setup and management of forms, equipment, suppliers, and more. 

They will be able to:

  • Access to the Administration Console 
  • Can't add or edit Users 
  • Can't view Payment Details 
  • Access to the Mobile App can complete forms if you add Staff Record 

If you have an Internal Auditor login for multiple organisations you will be given the option to select your organisation at the sign-in screen on both the Mobile/Tablet and Web Sign In Page. Simply enter your email and password, then select the organisation you want to look at. Once an Internal Auditor is added you can only delete them, you can't edit their details unless they are added to a Staff Record. 

External Verifier

The External Verifier User is if you want to give someone access to audit your Reports. Set your Auditor up with an External Verifier User so they can have view-only access to your account, that way they can log in to your account and check your Reports to ensure your sites have been kept safe 

  • View-only access to the Administration Console
  • No Mobile App Access 

Once an External Verifier is added you can only delete them. You can choose whether you would like to delete your Verifier from your account after Verification or leave them in there till next year. 

Tablet Manager

The Tablet Manager is designed for mobile users, such as site managers, team leaders, and foremen, who require access to all features on the mobile app but do not need access to the admin console. This provides them with additional responsibility and is ideal for those who need to manage their sites efficiently.

  • Access to only the Mobile App 
  • Can add, edit and view everything on the Mobile App
  • View and edit completed all forms on the Saved Forms page on the Mobile App 

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