Customise your Hazards and Controls

Customise the Hazards and Controls that show up in your Risk Assessment

You can customise the list of Hazards/Risks and Action Control Measures that link to the Hazards/Risks - Select From Answer Type and your digital Hazard Board. That way they suit your business and the environment you work in. 

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Customise Hazard/Control List

  1. Log in to the Admin Console (computer login)
  2. Go to Resources
  3. Select the Hazards/Risks Tab
  4. Untick the Hazards/Risks that aren't relevant to your 
  5. These steps are the same on the Action Control Measures page too. 

Add Custom Hazards/Controls

If you have your Hazards/Controls that aren't displayed in the list, then you can add your own. 

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the page 
  2. Click the Orange plus icon 
  3. Add in the Name of the Hazard
  4. Select the Category 
  5. SAVE Repeat this for each Hazard until you have your custom list. These steps are the same on the Action Control Measures page too. 

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