Adding a Resource

Do you have Documents or Links you want to store? Add them as a Resource.

Use resources to save files or URLs containing training materials, emergency plans, competency registers etc. These resources are accessible through both the mobile app and web console. 

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Feature Alert:  Assigning Resources and Certificates & Permits to Subcontractors feature is available for Professional, Premium and Enterprise Customers in Australia, US & Canada. New Zealand is currently in Beta only.

Uploading a Resource

Upload all site and health & safety docs to the Resource section. Add expiry dates to never miss renewals. Share docs with contractors & manage shared info.

To do this:

  1. Log in to the Computer login (Admin Console)
  2. Go to Resources 
  3. Choose whether it's a URL or File Resource 
  4. Add the URL (add the URL)  or File (click upload)
  5. Give the Resource a name 
  6. Add Resource Expiry date (if relevant)
  7. Select the relevant Category
  8. Select Subcontractors to give them access to view the resources
  9. Save!

Uploading Certificates & Permits

You can easily upload or link your certificates and permits in the Resources section.

To do this:

  1. Log in to the Web Console
  2. Go to the Resource Section
  3. Click on the Certificates & Permits Tab
  4. Click on the Orange Plus button
  5. You can choose to upload the certificate or link the certificate from an external system
  6. Complete the mandatory information
  7. You can also give access to subcontractors if required
  8. Save

Viewing Resources in the App

Your team will be able to view the  resources on the App! 

To do this:

  1. Click on the Menu icon in the top left corner 
  2. Click Resources 
  3. Find the resource they are after
  4. Click view/download to view the resource 
  5. Click Complete - this will save the resource against your Training History on your User Profile 

Note: Click the heart icon next to the Resource to make it a favourite. This is a per-device setting so your favourite resources can differ from other team members. 

Additional Tips

  • Want to add a Certificate/Permit? Have a look here for the inside tips
  • Want to add a Resource that not everyone needs to see? You can attach Resources to Sites, Users and suppliers, which won't all show up on the main Resource page
  • You can link selected Resources in your forms to ensure your team views them. Use them as a reference point in forms for your team to refer back to
  • Add Hazards/Risks & Action Control Measures from the Resource tab to make your TA's & Risk Assessments easier 
  • Currently, the types of files that can be uploaded are PDF, JPG, SVG, URL

Note: The current limit on file size is 5 MB (5,000 KB). If your file does not upload please check that it is not too large.

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