Adding a Resource

Do you have Documents or Links you want to store? Add them as a Resource.

Resources are a tool that allows you to store files or URL's such as Training resources, Emergency Plans, Competency Registers etc. You can view your Resources from both the App & Administration Console.

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Uploading a Resource

  1. Login to the Computer login (Admin Console)
  2. Go to Resources 
  3. Choose whether it's a URL or File Resource 
  4. Add the URL (add the URL)  or File (click upload)
  5. Give the Resource a name and select a meta-tag to categorise it
  6. Click SAVE

Resources in the App

Your team will now be able to view this on the App! They'll simply need to: 

  1. Click on the menu icon in the top left corner 
  2. Click Resources 
  3. Find the resource they are after
  4. Click view/download to view the resource 
  5. Click complete - this will save the resource against your Training History on your User Profile 

Note: Click the heart icon next to the Resource to make it a favourite. This is a per-device setting so your favourite resources can be different from other members of your team. 

Additional Tips

Note: The current limit on file size is 5 MB (5,000 KB). If your file does not upload please check that it is not too large.

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