Using the Equipment Category Question

The equipment category question type is helpful for maintenance checks on all your equipment in one category.

Adding an equipment category question to a form creates a number-based question for each item in that category. These numeric questions can include units and precision settings, but not the more advanced options. For instance, you can use the equipment category question to choose the "Vehicles" category and track odometer readings, capturing the distance travelled by each vehicle. In the form builder, this is how an equipment category question looks:

And this is how the same question appears on mobile. Notice how the one question has become three because I have three vehicles listed under equipment.


When entering a new piece of equipment into Site App Pro, there is a section called Settings. Here you can set min and max values as well as upper and lower warnings to be used in the equipment category question. These will function the same way the advanced options do in a numeric question, except they will only come up when filling out an equipment category question. If you use these we recommend that you only use the equipment category question to record one type of data (e.g. Odometer readings for vehicles), otherwise, the limits may not be the same for all readings.

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