Completing a Form in the Past

We understand that you can get busy or that technology fails and you may need to complete forms for previous dates. Site App Pro has the ability to choose a date in the past to complete a form.

When you are on the To Do List on the App Side of Site App Pro you can easily complete a Form for a day in the past if you need to. 

To complete a form in the past.

  1. Up the top of the mobile device there is a calendar icon with the current date.
  2. Click on the icon or date and you can choose a date in the past. The date bar will go red to show that you are in the past 
  3. Select the form you want to complete.
  4. You will see the past date up the top of the form you are completing. This is the date that will be applied to the completed form. Fill in the form details.
  5. To go to your current date you can select the Back to Today button in the upper right hand corner

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