Having Trouble Logging In

Having trouble logging in to SiteAppPro? Below are some of the errors that you might be encountering.

1] "There is no user record corresponding to this identifier. The user may have been deleted."

The email address entered is not in our system. This could be because you have made an error entering your email, you are using the wrong email, or your manager/admin has deleted your email. Check your email address is correct, and then if you get this error again, check with your manager if you are still registered as a user. If not they will have to read you.

2] "The password is invalid or the user does not have a password."

Double-check your password. Additionally, this message may appear after a password reset when the user has not yet followed the password reset link.

3] "Not a valid email address"

The email address you have entered is not a recognised email address. This may be because you have made a typo error.

4] "Try resetting your password again. Your request to reset your password has expired or the link has already been used."

This error may occur after clicking "Forgot Password?" and sending a resend password reset link. For security reasons, password reset links expire 2 hours after being sent. This error message occurs when one of these links expires. To fix this, just click on "Forgot Password?" again and send another link.

5] "Check you are on the correct login page":

Make sure you are on the Site App Pro login page, not the old Site App page. If you are on the correct login page, you should see a screen like this. Alternatively, click here.

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