Messaging in Site App Pro

The messaging feature allows you to share important information with your Team

The messaging function is integrated across both the Mobile/Tablet and the Administration console. 

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Why use Messages?

The  'Message' feature is a way of communicating, engaging your team, or sharing news, for example: 

  • Send a Message to a group of Users who have done really well 
  • Send out a Message to your whole team to notify them of updates or changes
  • Sending reminders of new procedures and link a relevant Resource for them to view 
  • Distributing a new ad-hoc Form for completion. You might create a new induction checklist form and then send a link to that Form in a message asking everyone to complete the form. In the mobile application, staff can click a link in the message to open the Form and complete it (this can be repeated by each staff member). 

Sending a Message from the Admin Console

As an Admin or Manager role you can send messages from the Dashboard on the Admin Console.

  1. Log into your Admin Console (Computer Login)
  2. Click the Message Icon in the top right corner 
  3. Click on the drop-down Send a Message to your Team
  4. Fill in the message text that you want to send. You also have the option to attach an Ad-hoc Form or Resource
  5. Choose the recipients you'd like to send it to 
  6. SEND

Note: A user will receive the message as a push notification on their Mobile device. They won't receive the notification if they haven't logged into their account, are logged into a different account or have turned off the notifications for Site App Pro in their mobile device settings. 

Sending a Message from the Mobile App

Any user can send a Message from the Mobile App to communicate with a Team Member or Broadcast a message to everyone.

  1. Login to Site App Pro on your Mobile/Tablet 
  2. Click the Message Icon in the top right corner 
  3. Or alternatively, you can find messages in the Menu
  4. Here you can see all the messages that you have sent or received. 
  5. Add a new message 
  6. From a Mobile/Tablet you can send a 'Message' to one User or to everyone. Messages sent from the Mobile/ Tablet can't have attachments. 

Note: Messages are shown for two weeks - older messages are not displayed.

Viewing Message Logs

Message logs are a way to view all messages or emails that have been sent out of Site App Pro. 

  1. Login to the Admin Console
  2. Go to My Business 
  3. Click Message Logs 

From here you can also export your message logs by clicking the export icon in the top right corner or you can filter for a message by searching for a Users name or email address. 

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