Completing Forms Offline

Even if you're not within range or don't have access to the internet, you can still fill out forms on the Site App Pro Tablet/Phone App.

Use Site App Pro offline feature when working in remote areas or out of network. Offline mode will kick in automatically when you are working with no connection on your Mobile/Tablet device. 

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Note: To use offline mode, you must already be logged into the App. It's always great to check the app is logged in before you move into remote areas as system updates on your device could log you out of the app. 

Working on Offline Mode

Your device will automatically switch to offline mode when it can't get a strong enough connection. 

When completing forms offline, it will store them locally on the device. They will then be uploaded to the Web Console when you have a network connection. You will see if your form is online or offline by the icon in the top right corner: 

  • Online | White Wifi Icon
  • Offline | Red Triangle
  • Forms Stored Offline | Numbers accumulating next to the red triangle or wifi icon. The numbers represent how many forms are stored offline. 

Uploading Forms Offline

Once you are back in connection your forms will automatically be uploaded to the server, updating your Dashboard on your Administration Console. Depending on your device you will need to have the App open in the foreground to upload these forms. 

It's important to stay logged in to the App when you have forms stored offline. If you log out you will lose the forms that are stored on your device. 

If your tablet/phone reconnects to the Internet and Site App Pro starts to upload the stored offline Forms and the connection is interrupted again, then the app keeps the forms locally and tries again later. If you want it to try again immediately you can click on the red triangle/form count and it will try to upload the completed forms.

Note: Offline Mode is only available in the Site App Pro mobile application. Form completion is the only feature available for offline mode; if you want to add staff or view resources or older completed forms you will need to find a connection. 

Troubleshooting Offline Mode

If you find you are having trouble with offline mode then have a read of some FAQ below: 

  • I'm online but my forms haven't been uploaded 

If you find your forms haven't been uploaded but you are back with a good network connection, then open the app and click the Wifi icon. This should nudge your device to upload these forms.

  • My device shows I have forms stored offline, but they won't upload

If you are stuck with offline mode, don't log out of the app. Contact and we can help troubleshoot with you. 

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