Create a Training Register

You can view and access staff training records from both the Reports page and Team page 

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There are two different ways to record training in Site App Pro. 

  • Option 1: Adding Training Records as Certifications/Permits
  • Option 2: Completing forms to Record training 

Let's dive into how each option would work.... 

Training Records as Certificates/Permits

If you have training records that are currently external to Site App Pro, you can add these as Certificates/Permits. These are a type of Resource that can be uploaded to the Users profile and can be used to monitor the expiry date of the records. 

  1. Go to Team & Users
  2. Click the pencil icon next to an existing user 
  3. Go to Resources
  4. Click the orange plus button 
  5. Click the page icon 
  6. Change where it says Documents to Certificates/Permits
  7. Add in the relevant Certificate and set the Expiry - it is optional to upload a file with this too 

A few great examples of this is: 

  • SiteSafe Passports 
  • First Aid Certificates 
  • Health & Safety Courses 
  • Monitoring progress of different Health & Safety levels your team are on 

You can then set up User Notification's so you can get alerted 15 Days before your record expires. 

Completing Forms to record Training

You'll be provided with some default training forms when you start your account. These forms are called:

  • Competency Register
  • Induction Checklist
  • On Site Induction

These forms are built to link up with your Staff Training Reports, as well as link to your Training History on the Team & Users page. 

You currently can't build your own custom training forms that link to your Training reports, however you can customise these forms to suit you. Check out more information on altering existing forms.

Make your own Training Records

If you want to make your own training records then you can create a custom form. These will only show up on either your Completed Forms or Form Report pages.

Viewing Training Records

You can view training in a few ways: 

  1. If using Certificates & Permits, view on either the Dashboard or Resources page 

  2. Completed Forms on the Reports Page 
  3. Training Summary on the Reports Page 
  4. Team & Users Page 
    • Open the Team & Users Tab 
    • Click the pencil icon next to one of your Team or Users
    • Go to the Training History tab 
    • You'll be able to view any forms with the Form Type Staff Training (these are only the default SAP forms)

Note: It's best to use the Site App Pro default Training forms for Staff Training. You can't set the Form Type from your account, this is something that is pre-set in your account. If you want your Training forms to show up in the Training History tab then you will need to edit the Site App Pro default Training forms. 

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