Uploading Sites in Bulk

Already have a lot of Sites running? You can bulk upload them to Site App Pro by using a CSV file

In this article we will refer to the subject as Sites, but they can also be known as 'Jobs, Projects, Clients, Customers' etc. 

If you have already have a list of Sites in a different file format you may find it easier to bulk upload these using the CSV file feature.

Using the Bulk Upload

To bulk upload Sites from a CSV file you first need to ensure your file is in the correct format. You can download a template by going to Sites from the Main Menu of the Web Version of Site App Pro. Now simply: 

  1. Click the orange plus button
  2. Click the orange arrow 'bulk upload' button
  3. Click on the 'Template' link to get a copy of the CSV file format

  4. Organise your existing file into this format and save it
  5. Once you have the file ready click on the 'Upload' button and select your file
  6. Your file will now be imported.

Following the CSV Template

For your Bulk Upload to work seamlessly you need to enter your data in the same format as Site App Pro. Here are the fields that need to have a particular format: 

  • Required Field: You must enter the Name of the site, all other fields are optional 
  • Optional PIN: must be a 4 digit number code e.g. 1234
  • Scheduled Start & Scheduled end: DD/MM/YYYY
  • Email List: Have a comma separating each email address e.g. hauraki@sophiesconstruction.co.nz, tauranga@sophiesconstruction.co.nz
Note: You can always edit or fix any details from within the Sites page at a later time. 

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