Adding Certificates & Permits

Add and monitor the expiry of your First Aid Certificates, Sitesafe Passport, Site Permits, and more...

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Note: There is a 5MB limit for Certificates and permits. If you need to add one with more then you can upload it to a Cloud Sharing tool and add the shareable link as a URL Certificate & Permit

Adding Certificates & Permits on the Web Console

In Site App Pro, you can attach Certificates and Permits to various areas. This helps you receive timely notifications when essential documents or records are soon to expire. The procedure for attaching Certificates and Permits is identical for Users, Suppliers/Subcontractors, Equipment, and Sites.

To add a Certificate & Permit

  1. Log in to your Web Console
  2. Click on the User, Supplier, Site or Equipment Page 
  3. Go to the Resource section
  4. Click the Orange plus button 
  5. Click the Bag Icon 
  6. Upload the Certificate from your local device
  7. Complete the required fields 
  8. You can link the certificate to the Supplier / Subcontractor as well
  9. Save 

Viewing your Certificate/Permit on the Web

If you want to view the Certificate or Permit you've added, you can view this from where it was attached i.e Sites, Equipment, Staff etc. but you can also:

View and add new  Certificates & Permits within the Resource tab (you can export the list of Certificates here too!)

View it on the Dashboard 

Viewing your Certificates/Permits on the App

You can easily access your Certificates and Permits through the Mobile App, depending on where you initially added them

  • If you attached your Certificate & Permit to a Supplier, Equipment, User or Site, you will find them on the relevant page on the Mobile App 
  • If you added your Certificate & Permit to the main Certificate & Permit page on the Web, you will find them on the Resources page on the Mobile App 

To access Certificates & Permits

  1. Open the Mobile App 
  2. Open the Menu (three lines in the top left corner) 
  3. Go to Resources 

Note: Attached Certificates and Permits can only be viewed on the App by those who have the following User Roles - Admin, Manager, and Tablet Manager. This is for Privacy Reasons. 

Attaching a Certificate & Permit to a Site, User, Equipment or Supplier

You can attach a Certificate & Permit directly to different areas in Site App Pro. Certificates and Permits allow you to receive or view notifications when key documents or records are going to expire. 


  • Site - attach Certificate & Permits You need a reminder to update 
  • User - attach relevant training records to a specific User 
  • Equipment - You can add a WOF or Rego date to your Certificate & Permit so that you receive reminders when they need to be updated.
  • Supplier - A supplier may have a policy or Health & Safety document that needs to be reviewed on a certain date 

Attaching a Certificate & Permit

This is done in the same way you'd attach a General Certificate & Permit, just change your starting point. 

  1. Log in to the Admin Console (Computer login) 
  2. Go to your Chosen page (Sites, Suppliers, Users or Equipment) 
  3. Click the Pencil icon next to an item you want to attach a Certificate & Permit to 
  4. Go to Resources (either by scrolling to the bottom or choosing from the menu at the top) 
  5. Click the Orange plus button 
  6. Choose if you want to upload a File, Certificate & Premits or URL
  7. Complete information as required 
  8. SAVE 

This will now appear attached to the item on both the Web and Mobile App.

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