Adding a Pinned Form

Pin your Emergency Plan or Hazardous Substance Register so you can update and edit for the duration of your Site

Feature Alert: The number of pinned forms you get is dependent on the pricing pack you are in. For more information check out our pricing page.

A pinned form is a live form that's pinned to your To-Do List screen. The form is aimed to be either completed by one person on site for everyone else to view or as a collaborative form that everyone on site can view and add to. 

The form will then be saved against the Site for anyone to read or update as they need to. 

In this Article

  • Pinning your Form
  • What Form should I pin?
  • Unpinning Forms
  • Using Pinned Forms

  • Pinning your Form 

    1. Log in to your Web Console (Computer Login)
    2. Go to Sites
    3. Edit an existing Site or add a new one
    4. Click Pinned Forms/Registers
    5. Choose the Type of Form you want to add
    6. Click Pick Form - this will bring up a list of all forms in your account. Pin either a blank form or a form an already existing completed form. 

    Pro Tip: Use the Find feature in your browser to search for your pinned form. (⌘+"F" on Mac OS, or Control + F on Windows)

    Once you've selected Pick Form it will bring a Pop Up of all form types, you can choose from either: 


    Copies of Existing Completed Forms

    These are all forms that have been completed before, showing the Form Type, the Date it was completed & the Site it was completed on. You can view this form to check if it's the correct one by clicking on the View icon. Selecting a copy of a completed form gives you a base to add to or edit as you need to. 

    E.g. If you have a standard Hazardous Substances Register that your team follows, which is the same on most jobs. Then complete the Hazardous Substances Register once, then pin the already completed form to each site. This list will display all forms completed in the last year. 


    Blank Forms 

    This gives you a list of all forms in a blank copy. If you select one of these forms you will be selecting a Blank Form which you can start fresh on for this site.

    What form should I pin?

    Pinned forms aren't suitable for all types of forms. They are there if the form is completed at the start of the job (or already completed) and is needed onsite to view or update as you go. This form will be seen by everyone. 

    The best examples are:

    • Hazardous Substances Register
    • Risk Registers
    • SWMS
    • Emergency Plan
    • SSSP Form (this will need to be a Custom Built form) 

    Forms that don't work as a pinned form, this is usually because everyone on site will need their own individual copy of these forms: 

    • Induction Checklist
    • Pre-Start
    • Toolbox Talk
    • Vehicle Checks
    • Near Miss
    • Incident and Injury Register etc... 

    If you aren't sure, don't hesitate to contact

    Note: The amount of forms you can pin is dependent on your Pricing Plan. For more information check out our pricing page. 

    Unpinning Forms

    Made a mistake? No worries! To unpin your form you simply need to go back to where you pinned your form and uncheck the tickbox. 

    To do this:

    1. Go to Sites
    2. Click on the Pencil icon
    3. Click on the Pinned Forms tab
    4. Click on the Remove button
    5. and Done

    Using Pinned Forms

    After adding your Pinned form, you will then find it on the App: 

    1. Select the Site that you Pinned a Form to
    2. You will find all Pinned Forms at the bottom of your To-Do list
    3. Click the Pinned form to view or complete it 
    4. Save the form if you've made any changes 
    5. Once the Form is Saved it will then show up on your Completed Forms page
      • Each time a Pinned Form is updated it is saved as a new form, each completed version can then be viewed on the Reports Page.

    Note: If you add or edit your form after pinning it, you will need to unpin and then repin the form to your site to get the updated version. 

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