Using Conditional Sections

Conditional sections give you the ability to hide or display a block of questions depending upon the answer to a Yes/No Conditional Section Header question

Are your Health & Safety forms dependent on certain conditions? By using Conditional Sections you can alter what your team sees in their Health and Safety forms depending on their answers.


  1. If your team is forgetting to complete their Ad Hoc Forms, you could change the Schedule to Daily then use a conditional section to stop them from having to complete the whole form if it's not relevant. The Conditional Section could simply ask 'Did you need to complete this form today?'
    • If answered 'yes', then the questions in the form will appear 
    • If answered 'no', then they will be hidden so your team can save the form 
  2. Do you need to split a form depending on your Worker's role/task on site? You could split it up with Conditional Sections by asking 'Are you a Scaffolder?'
    • If answered 'yes', then a section of Scaffolder related questions are displayed
    • If answered 'no' then they will be hidden so your team can complete the rest of the questions that relate to them
  3. Need to remind your team to induct new people onto Site each day? Add a Conditional Section to your induction form asking, Any new people on Site today? 
    • If answered 'yes', then the induction questions are displayed
    • If answered 'no' then they will be hidden

Adding Conditional Sections

When adding Conditional Sections, they work in the same way as Section Headers. It's very simple to add them to your forms: 

  1. Login to your Administration Console (Web) 
  2. Go to Forms
  3. Either create a Custom Form or Alter an Existing form 
  4. Click Conditional Section 
  5. Enter the Text 
  6. Add the Questions you want to show or hide below the Conditional Section
  7. If you want to add more questions that aren't affected by the conditional section then add a Section Header to close the Conditional Section

Once you've set up your Form, head over to the App to start filling it out: 

Tips & Tricks

Here are a few tips you may want to be aware of when setting up your Conditional Sections: 

  • Conditional Sections only hide and display Questions, if you are using Section Headers, Collapsible Panels or Instruction Text these can not be hidden. 
  • Conditional Sections can be used for repeating sections, just as Section Headers are. Once you have selected Yes then you can repeat the section as needed. 
  • The Default for Conditional Sections is to hide the section, to reveal the section you have to select Yes. 

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