Zapier Integration

Connect apps with Site App Pro to automate repetitive tasks.

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What is Zapier?

Zapier is a helpful tool that facilitates the connection of various platforms. By integrating these platforms, they can share information, which can significantly reduce your workload by eliminating the need to repeat certain tasks. For example, you can integrate Site App Pro and SimPro to transfer your Sites setup from SimPro to Site App Pro based on specific triggers.

What are triggers and actions?

A Zapier can be broken down into two steps - Trigger & Action.

Trigger -  Trigger is the first step. This is an event that starts the Zap. 

Action - The second step is Action. It is a task completed once the trigger has occurred. For example, if a Site is added in SimPro it will be added to Site App Pro. 

Zapier connects with thousands of apps worldwide, to check if Zapier integrates with an app you use click here: Zapier Apps

How does Zapier Integrate with Site App Pro? 

We have certain actions and triggers set up that you can use and connect with other apps. 

Our Triggers: 

  • The Trigger options that you have in Site App Pro are based on the tool that you are integrating with

Our Actions: 

  • The Primary action used in Site App Pro is that of creating a Site

Examples of Site App Pro using Zapier: 

  • Trigger: New Job in SimPro
  • Action: New Site Added into Site App Pro 

How to set up the Integration

To set up your integration, you'll need to create a free Zapier account. Type in your name, email address and password so you can start connecting your favourite apps with Site App Pro. Once you've set it up you can explore around the Explore Page.

Now it's time to start creating your Zaps!

For more information, Zapier has an awesome Getting Started Guide. Check this out for all of the best Tips & Tricks to get your Integration up and running!

Getting Started with Zapier

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