Deleting and Copying Sites

Learn the tips and tricks around deleting and copying sites 

When you delete a Site (Job, Customer or Client), you are sending it to the Archives. That way if you ever need to review old data you can bring your sites back by unarchiving. 

Archiving Sites

  1. Go to the site or team page, from the menu on the left of the dashboard.
  2. On the right-hand side of your list of sites, click on the bin icon next to the site you wish to delete.

Unarchive a Site: 

  1. Go to the sites page.
  2. Click on Include Archived
  3. A list of all members will appear, the ones which have been archived will have an upload icon next to them. Clicking on this will restore your site.

Copying Sites

If you have a few sites that are similar, you have the option of copying sites. By doing this you can copy the Site info over to a new site in a quick and easy way: 

  1. Log in to Administration Console on the Web 
  2. Click Site page
  3. Click the copy (square) icon next to the site you want to copy 
  4. Add the name of the new site, edit any details you need to suit your new site 

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