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Teams are every person who needs to be able to sign their Health & Safety forms, but team members don't get their own login to Site App Pro.

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What is a team member?

Team members are what give you the ability to sign off forms on the App. You will add team members if your workers work in teams or share a generic work device to complete their Health & Safety. When a team member is added they are set up with a 4 digit pin code, but don't get their own individual login details to Site App Pro. If you need your workers to use Site App Pro on their own mobile device and have their own login details then you will need to set them up as a User.

Team member examples: 
  • You have a site tablet and you need everyone to complete forms on the tablet. You will set up a tablet User to login to the tablet, then set the rest of your team up as team members so they can sign off forms. 
  • If you don't want workers to use their own phone, you could set your Site Supervisor up as a user and their team can complete forms on their device

When Users are added they are automatically added as a Team member, this is so they also have the ability to complete forms.

Adding a team member from the Admin Console: 

  1. Login to the Administration Console 
  2. Go to Team & Users
  3. Click the orange plus icon 
  4. Click the team icon

  5. Fill in the details required
  6. Need your team member to be able to add Sites from the Mobile, add team members, edit team member details & view secure records on the app? Select their Role as Tablet Manager

You will be able to view any Completed Resources, Completed forms that reference the team member's name and completed quiz's from their Team profile too. 

Adding a team member from the Mobile/Tablet: 

You need to have Admin or Manager access to be able to add team members. We recommend that if you are setting Team members up on the mobile/tablet, to do it with them there, that way they can set up their PIN number and signature.

  1. Click the menu icon 
  2. Click Team 
  3. Click the orange plus icon 
  4. You will be asked to select your name first, to prove that you have Admin or Manager access
  5. Enter your pin first 
  6. You will now be able to add a team member 🎉

Bulk Upload team members: 

Don't want to add each team member individually? You can bulk upload them using our CSV template. To do this: 

  1. Click the orange plus icon 
  2. Click the bulk upload icon on the right 
  3. Follow the steps as needed 

Think this is the best option for you? Here's some more information on Bulk Uploading

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