Viewing Saved forms on the Mobile

You can view up to 12 Months worth of Completed Forms straight from the App 

Every form you complete on the app will be stored in your Site App account, up to 12 Months of this data will be stored straight from the app so you can view and edit it from your pocket. 

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Saved Forms 

The Saved Forms tab on the app shows you the forms that have been completed on the site you are currently on. By default it automatically shows you only the forms you have completed, you can change this too. You can find your Saved Forms on the app by: 

  1. Select the Site you want to view the Saved Forms from
  2. Clicking the menu icon in the top left corner 
  3. Clicking Saved Forms 
  4. By default it will show only my forms but you can turn this off by clicking the settings (three dots) in the top right corner 

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