Viewing Saved forms on the Mobile

You can view up to 12 Months' worth of Completed Forms straight from the App 

Every form you complete on the app will be stored in your Site App account, up to 12 Months of this data will be stored straight from the app so you can view and edit it from your pocket. 

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Saved Forms 

The Saved Forms tab on the app shows you the forms that have been completed on the site you are currently on. What forms you can see in Saved Forms will be dependent on your User Role. 

Viewing Saved Forms 

  1. Select the Site you want to view the Saved Forms from
  2. Click the menu icon in the top left corner 
  3. Click Saved Forms 
  4. Use the filter to search through the list of forms 

You can click on the forms to view them, email them or update the answers within the form. 

Saved Forms Access

The User Role you've been set up with will decipher what forms you can view from the Saved Forms page. 

  • Contractor and Field Worker | These roles can only view your own completed forms
  • Admin, Manager, Tablet Manager or Internal Auditor | These roles can view all forms that have been completed on the site by any user. They can do this by clicking the three dots in the top right corner of the saved forms page & turning the 'Only my Forms' toggle off.  

Filtering Saved Forms

You can filter the Saved Forms page in multiple ways to find what you need quickly. 

  • Date Range | Click the last 7 days to choose the time period you want to view. You can view any forms that have been completed in the last year 
  • Category | Click All to filter the page by Form Category 
  • Search | Click search and type the name of any form to filter by Form Name
  • Incomplete Forms | Click the three dots in the top right corner and turn the Only Incomplete Forms toggle on. This will show all draft forms with a pause icon 

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