Corrective Actions on the Mobile App

Add and edit Corrective Actions from the Mobile App to help your team stay on top of important tasks

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Corrective actions can be created, viewed and edited from both the Mobile app and Admin Console. Check out this article for more information on Corrective Actions on the Admin Console. 

Adding Corrective Actions

There are two ways you can add a Corrective Action from the Mobile App. They can be: 

  • Attached to a Blue Note or Reason in a Form 
  • From the Actions page

When completing a form you can add a Blue Note to show an observation or that something is out of the ordinary. From there you can also attach a Corrective Action if you need a task to be completed based on the observation.

For example: 

Today I completed my daily pre-start and I wasn't feeling well. Since this form is set up with a yes/no + reason answer type, when I answer No to Are you feeling safe and well to start work today? it prompts me to add a Blue Note explaining why. 

I can then add a Corrective Action assigning it to someone in the team to cover your work as you had to go home sick. With the power of the Corrective Action I can then: 

  • Assign the Corrective Action to the Staff Member that can cover the tasks I was supposed to do that day
  • Attach the form that they need to complete 
  • Set a priority of high 
  • Set a due date 

Adding from Actions Page

  1. Go to Menu (three lines in top left corner) 
  2. Click Actions
  3. Click orange plus button
  4. Add Corrective Action text
  5. Select fields you would like
  6. Click orange tick 

Viewing Corrective Actions

You can view Corrective Actions in two ways, if there are current corrective actions today then you will see a red Corrective Actions icon show on the Dairy Screen or you can find them on the Actions page on the Menu. Both of these take you to the same actions screen. Corrective Actions which have been assigned to specific Users will only be able to be opened up and viewed by that User and the Account Admin/Manager. From there you are able to: 

  • Filter Corrective Actions 
  • Complete or edit Corrective Actions 
  • You can filter the Corrective Actions by Site from the Actions Tab

Receiving Corrective Actions 

Once a Corrective Action has been added, you will receive a notification. If you assigned it to a User then only the User will receive the notification, if you assigned it to a Team Member (a user without a login) then everyone will receive a notification. Note: re-assigning an action to someone will not trigger a notification.

You can view all the Corrective Actions for your business in the Actions screen. This screen will show you all active or recently completed Actions, and let you filter them by Active, Overdue and Escalation:

In the example above: 

  1. Helen received a notification as a Corrective action was assigned to her
  2. She opened the Corrective Actions page via the shortcut
  3. She clicked on the form that was attached to the corrective action and completed. it
  4. She then marked the Corrective Action as Done 
Note: Actions that are set to 'Cancelled' or 'Done' will stay in the  A ctions screen for 7 days before being auto-archived. All archived actions will be displayed in the  Closed tab of the admin console Corrective Action Summary screen.

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