Corrective Actions on the Admin Console

Add and edit Corrective Actions from the Admin Console and explore the powerful reporting and action management tools

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Corrective actions can be created, viewed, and edited from both the Mobile app and Admin Console. You can check out this article for more information on Corrective Actions on the Mobile App

Explore Corrective Actions Dashboard

When looking at Corrective Actions on the Dashboard you can either take a quick view of the Top 10 Summary or take a deep dive into the Corrective Action Dashboard. 

To access your Corrective Action Dashboard screen: 

  1. Log in to the Admin Console 
  2. Find your Corrective Action Summary on the Dashboard 
  3. Click the open arrow to explore all Corrective Actions

The default view of this screen will show you all the current corrective actions and all the details associated with them:

Status:  Allows you to track the workflow status of the action. Can be set to To Do, Started, Done, Blocked or Cancelled. Once set to Blocked or Cancelled the action will be considered closed and be moved to the 'Closed' tab.
Assigned:  Assign actions to different members of your team and notify them that they have an action that needs to be completed.
Colour:  Select from 6 different colours that help you identify and delineate actions.
Priority: Choose between Low, Normal and High to prioritise each action.
When Due: The date the action is due by, this will determine what actions are shown on the Dashboard as only upcoming or overdue actions are displayed. Once overdue they will display in red.
Form/Resource: Allows you to attach a form or resource to be completed or referenced as part of this action
Created: Shows the user and date the action was created.
Action For: Shows the form, or resource the action is for. This will also show the attached completed form and answer if applicable

Filtering Corrective Actions Dashboard

You can filter the Corrective Actions to find what you need quickly. 

You can filter by: 

  • Status | To Do, Started, Done, Blocked, Cancelled 
  • Colour | Green, Orange, Red, Magenta, Yellow, Grey 
  • Priority | High, Normal, Low
  • Assignee | Team & Users

For example: 

You may want to take a quick look into all Corrective Actions that need to be completed by a certain Team Member. So you'd filter by: 

  • Status | To Do, Started 
  • Assignee | Select team member 

To clear the filters you can click the x icon next to each filter.

You can also view Escalations by clicking the Thunderbolt icon. That will take you a deep dive into Escalations that are running at the time too. 

Adding Corrective Actions 

These can be added from multiple places on the Admin Console, they can also be added from the Mobile App see here for more information. 

Add Corrective Actions to a Completed Form

This can be done via either the Activity Stream or a Completed Form on the Reports page. 

For example: 

You see a Near Miss form on the Activity Stream about an incident that nearly happened. Add a Corrective Action to the form to notify the Site Supervisor to complete a Risk Assessment to ensure the near-miss doesn't happen again or turn into an incident in the future. 

Add a Corrective Action from the Corrective Action Dashboard 

This can be utilised in many ways, whether you: 

  • You receive a Maintenance notification so you notify a Team Member to complete the Maintenance form 
  • You do a site audit and create corrective actions from the Admin Console listing ways the site could be made safer  
  • If you change a process or need a team member to complete training

Completing or Editing Corrective Actions

Once a Corrective Action has been made from either the Mobile App or Admin Console, you can monitor and track them from the Corrective Actions Dashboard. 

If a Corrective Action has been completed, then simply mark the Status as Done. It will then appear on the Closed tab where you can view all Done and Cancelled Corrective Actions. It will also stay on the Current tab for 7 days and will auto-archive after that. 

Viewing and Exporting Completed Corrective Actions

You can view your completed Corrective Actions in multiple places in Site App Pro. 

Team Training History

You can view all corrective actions that have been assigned to a Team/User on the Staff & Users page. To do this: 

  1. Go to Staff and Users 
  2. Click the pencil icon next to the person you want to see. Here I'm looking at Sally 
  3. Click on the Training History tab (at the top) 
  4. Scroll to the bottom to see all corrective actions that are assigned to that team/user 
  5. Click the view icon to see the completed form 

Summary Reports Page

You can also view all corrective Actions that have been made on the  Summary Reports page. To do this: 

  1. Click Reports 
  2. Stay on the Summary tab 
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of your Action/Tasks report 
  4. View all Corrective Actions here 

Closed Tab

As mentioned above you can also view Done & Cancelled corrective actions on the Closed tabs in your Corrective Actions Dashboard. You can also export Current Corrective Actions to a CSV by clicking the orange export button

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