Recording Road User Charges

Monitor your Vehicles Road User Charges and be reminded when they are due for renewal

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Setting up your RUC

You can log your Road User Charge details when setting up your Equipment in Site App Pro. You can add your Road User Charges information to any equipment with the category Vehicle or Plant

To do this: 

  1. Go to Equipment 
  2. Either add a new piece of Equipment or edit an existing piece by clicking the pencil icon 
  3. Ensure the category is either Vehicle or Plant 
  4. Scroll down till you see Road User Charges 
  5. Add in the relevant information (see the key below to explain what each field relates to) 
  6. SAVE
Road User Charge Rate Find the Road User charge rate relevant to your Vehicle here
Minimum Distance RUC Your current Odometer Reading e.g. 100,000 kms
Maximum Distance RUC When you Road User Charges will expire (in Kms) e.g. 150,000 kms
Road User Charges Vehicle Type Vehicle type number as dictated by the vehicles weight band and NZTA
Odometer/Hubdometer/Electronic Distance Reader Serial Number Serial Number of Odometer if you have one 
Odometer/Hubdometer/Electronic Distance Reader (in KM) Current Odometer Reading (this is the field that will update as you complete the Road User Charges form)

Note: Visit Waka Kotahi - NZTA for more information regarding Road User Charges and renewal:

Updating your RUC

You can now track your team's Road User Charges through our Road User Charges Ad Hoc form. 

  1. Click the orange plus button on the App 
  2. Find the form Road User Charges 
  3. Click on the Question 
  4. Select your Equipment 
  5. Enter the current odometer reading 

This will then update your  Odometer/Hubdometer/Electronic Distance Reader (in KM)field on your equipment. It will then be able to work out if the reading has exceeded your Maximum Distance RUC, if it is within 400km then it will appear on your Dashboard in red so you can be aware that their RUCs need to be renewed. 

Once you have updated your RUC for the Vehicle or Plant then you can simply update the Maximum Distance RUC to show how much you have paid for so far. 

If a Road User Charges form is completed and the current reading is within 500kms of the Maximum Reading, Users with the maintenance notifications turned on will receive a notification warning them it's time to update. 

Viewing your RUC

You can track and view how your RUC is going and how close they are to expiring from the Equipment page or Dashboard. 

Equipment Page View

  1. Click the pencil icon next to the Equipment 
  2. Scroll down to view the Odometer/Hubdometer/Electronic Distance Reader (in KM)Odometer/Hubdometer/Electronic Distance Reader (in KM) field
  3. Compare that with the Maximum Distance field to see how long they have left 

Dashboard View 

  1. See the Equipment and Vehicle table 
  2. Equipment with an Odometer Reading withing 400kms of the Maximum Distance RUC will appear in red in the Graph 

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