Upgrade or downgrade your payment plan

Depending on your business size or the features you require you may want to upgrade or downgrade your payment plan

You can upgrade or downgrade your plan to suit your business size & need, this can all be down in the Billing Portal. 

  1. Log in to the Web Console (Computer Log in)
  2. Click the Account icon in the top right corner 
  3. Click Billing Admin 
  4. Click Update Plan 
  5. Click whether you'd like Annual or Monthly
  6. Select Continue next to the plan you would like to move to
  7. For more information on the pricing packs and the relative features check out our pricing page here

If you were a customer before 14th November 2021, you will need to contact support@siteapppro.com to upgrade or downgrade.

Note: When you upgrade your plan you will be charged the difference immediately from the card you have uploaded. You will then be charged your new subscription price on your next billing date. The billing date will be the same date it has previously been. 

When downgrading your plan, you won't be charged till your next billing date and will get a credit of the balance for your next payments. 

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