What's coming up in our November Release?

Learn what features are coming up in our next release & how it's going to impact your team!

We've been listening to our customers and are focusing on making the App more engaging for your Team. Check out the features below to ensure you are aware of what's changing ahead.

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What do I need to do to prepare my team?

There are a lot of changes to the look & feel of Site App. It's really important you & your team are prepared for the updates ahead.

You can do this by:

  • Checking your team has automatic updates turned on from their App Store (Apple Devices or Android Devices). This will avoid them from missing the update and getting any backward compatibility issues. 
  • Reach out to your team ahead of time to let them know changes are coming & what to expect
  • Show them this article & get them excited for the great new changes ahead!

Per User Health & Safety

Our biggest change in this release is changing the way our form scheduling works. All scheduled forms in Site App Pro will now be a per User form. 

What does this mean? 

Every user will receive their own blank copy of every daily, weekly, or monthly form. These will no longer be  shared/team forms. This encourages each user to be responsible for their own Health & Safety each day. 

For example: 

If you have a Pre-Start scheduled for Daily, every user on site will have their own pre-start form to complete. 

Note: This can cause some trouble for any companies who are sharing one login on a shared device. If this is what your company does, get in touch with us at support@siteapppro.com.

Removing the User Pin Number to sign off Forms

Due to moving to a per User Health & Safety model, this now means we can remove the concept of a Pin Number.

Forms are now completed by a User & are no longer shared across devices. This means when you save a form you can: 

  1. Click Save
  2. The form will automatically save logging the name of the User you are logged in as against the form

This will save your users a lot of time and makes completing forms on the App a seamless process. 

Note: if you currently share a device such as a Mobile phone or Tablet with another person, this means when you sign the form you will only see the name of the person who is currently logged in. 

User Groups

Now that we have per-user Health & Safety we can now create User Groups. 

What is a user group?

A user group is a custom group you can create and assign users to. When building forms, you can then assign forms to certain user groups. This means you can customise what users see what forms based on their user group. 


If you have a Site Manager who needs to complete an Audit form but doesn't want anyone else to see it. You can: 

  • Create the Site Manager user group 
  • Assign any users who are Site Managers to that group 
  • Assign any Audit forms to that group 

Then when the Site Manager logs in, they will see the forms that are relevant to them. 

New Mobile Home Screen

We have a new Home Screen! This allows users to easily know where they need to go & what they need to do next.

What can I do from the Home Screen? 

  • Check-in & out of Site 
  • Access the digital Hazard Board 
  • Go to the To-Do list (this is where all forms are stored now) 
  • Log an Incident 
  • Complete a Site Induction 
  • View your Engagement Score 
  • You can now even add your own user profile photo!

Digital Hazard Board

Create & share new Hazards with your Team on-site using our new digital Hazard Board. Using the digital Hazard Board you will be able to: 

  • Create new Hazards from both the Mobile & the Web 
  • Attach relevant PPE, Control Measures, Photos & a Residual Risk Score
  • Set a duration for how long the Hazard is live for
  • Import Hazards across different sites

User Engagement Score

Every user now gets their own User Engagement Score. This score allows you to see how engaged you are with Site App Pro. This will give you points based on different interactions with the App including: 

  • Completing a Form 
  • Acknowledging a Hazard 
  • Checking in & out 
  • and more... 

This is a really powerful tool to both engage users in Site App, as well as give Admin/Managers visibility over their most (or least) engaged users.

Onboard Users from the Mobile App 

You can now add Users straight from your Mobile App. This now means you will be able to onboard Users or Contractors on the fly without having to doing it from your Computer or Laptop. This feature will be available for Admin, Managers & Tablet Managers. 

  1. Open the Menu 
  2. Go to Users 
  3. Click the plus button 
  4. Add the Users - first name, last name, email address & select their role 
  5. A QR Code will show for them to scan 
  6. Once they scan the QR Code this will open Site App Pro & log them into the Site they were added from right away! 

Note: The user won't be set up with a password as it will automatically log them in. If they get logged out, they will need to hit forgot password to generate a new password. 

Minor Additional Changes

  • Corrective Actions on To Do List - have more visibility over Corrective Actions by having them appear on the To Do list along with any Forms that are required to complete.
  • Corrective Action Notes - add Notes to Corrective Actions when you update the status to add more details or context. 
  • Training Category - Training Category in the Form now links forms to Staff Training History on the User Profile.
  • Change User Email Addresses - You can now update or change a users email address from the Users page on the Admin Console (Computer login).
  • Customise Suppliers Page - Change the name of your Suppliers page e.g. change it to Contractors, Contacts or Clients to store their details in your Admin Console.
  • Add & Edit Equipment from the Mobile - Update equipment on the fly by adding & editing Equipment on the Mobile. 
  • User Permissions - Only Admin, Managers & Tablet Managers can add/edit Suppliers, Equipment, Users or Sites from the Mobile. 
  • Favourite Resources - Favourite your own Resources or Certificates so you can have your most frequently used appear at the top. 

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