Using the User Engagement Score

Use an Engagement Score to see which users are the most engaged in your Health & Safety

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What is an Engagement Score? 

An Engagement Score is a score that's given to a User based on the way they are engaging with and using the App. The score will continue to get higher based on the more they interact with key areas of the App. It will also decrease on days when activity is low. 

Engagement Scores can be a really powerful tool to gauge who the star players in your team are & who's falling behind. 

Use the Engagement Score to: 

  • Praise team members who have the highest engagement score of the month. 
  • Encourage a healthy sense of competition among your team by aiming for the highest engagement score. Easily identify who isn't engaging with Site App Pro for the month 

Measuring the Engagement Score: 

The Engagement score isn't a percentage it's a score that continues to grow. Monitor the Engagement Score for a month to see: 

  • Who has the highest score on your team? 
  • Who had the lowest score on your team? 
  • What score do you want to internally set as the goal for your users to get to?
Note: You can only view the Engagement score for the current month and last month

Where to view the Engagement Score? 

You can view your Engagement Score from the Mobile and the Admin Console (Computer login). 

How to see your Engagement Score?

  1. Go to your Mobile Home Page to view your Engagement Score
  2. Click the Engagement Score to see a breakdown of your score & patterns from previous months

How to see everyone's Engagement Scores?  

You can see everyone's Engagement Score from the Computer login (Admin Console). 

  1. Log in to the Computer Login (Admin Console) 
  2. Go to team & Users 
  3. Click the pencil icon and go to Engagement to view the per-user score breakdown 
  4. See the Engagement Score for this month for each individual User 
  5. This can be exported by clicking the download icon to download it to a CSV
Note: The Dashboard will also show a User Summary highlighting the user with the highest engagement score and the average engagement score. This is a per-month view. 

How is the Engagement Score calculated?

The Engagement Score calculates a Users average engagement across active days in a month. 

Check-Ins The number of times the user has Checked In this month
Check Outs The number of times the user has Checked Out this month
Completed Forms The number of forms where all required questions have been answered this month
Draft Forms The number of forms where the form was saved, but there were required questions still to be completed
Hazard Acknowledgements The number of times they've acknowledged Hazards on the Hazard Board
Active Days This indicates anytime the App has been opened and the User has interacted with any feature on the App 
Actions Created Number of Corrective Actions this User has made
Actions Completed Number of Corrective Actions this User has marked as Complete

The Score counts the activities above, multiplies them by 10, and divides them by the number of active days in the month so far. If a User is not active in a day their score will not change, this is to allow for the fact that Users may not work every day of the month. 

Viewing Engagement Score Summary Reports

You can drill into your Team's Engagement on our Dashboard Engagement Score Summary Report. This Report gives you insights into: 

Engagement Score This Month Live update of this Users Engagement Score. This will reset each month.
Score Last Month Final Score at the end of last month. This will update each month to show the previous month's score.
Average Score  This will show the User average engagement score across all months.

The rest of the columns are explained in the section above. 

To access this Summary Report: 

  1. Log in to the Admin Console (Computer Login) 
  2. Go to your Dashboard 
  3. Click either - Score (Average) or Score (best) or the arrow at the top of the User Engagement Summary 

Export Engagement Summary Report

If you want to store all month's Engagement Scores, you can do this by Exporting the Report to a CSV each month. 

To do this: 

  1. Open the Engagement Summary Report 
  2. Click the download icon in the top right corner 
Note: The date range doesn't affect the Engagement Score Report. The Engagement Score Report will only Report on this month's and last month's data. 

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