Choosing Mobile Home Screen

Customise what your Team see's on the App by choosing your Mobile Home Screen

There are two options to choose from for your Mobile Home Screen, the To-Do List or the Home Screen. 

In the Article

Choose your Settings

You can choose the setting you'd like your team to view on the Web Console (Computer Login).

  1. Go to My Business
  2. Go to Settings 
  3. Select either To-Do List or Home Screen
  4. SAVE
Note: By default, the Mobile Screen will be set to the Home Screen. This is the best screen for your team to get the most out of Site App Pro

Home Screen

The Mobile Home Screen gives your team a shortcut to access everything they need in Site App Pro at a glance.

From the Mobile Home Screen, you can:

  • Add a Profile Picture 
  • Select your Site 
  • Check in to the Site 
  • Complete your Site Induction (you get one per Site) 
  • Access the Hazard Board (this will indicate a number of how many new Hazards you need to acknowledge)
  • Report an Incident
  • Complete Forms or Corrective Actions on your To-Do List (this will indicate how many forms you have required to complete today on your To-Do List) 
  • Your Engagement Score 
  • Access Ad Hoc Forms

To-Do List

If the shortcuts aren't relevant to your business, then you can set the To-Do List as your Mobile Home Page. This means when your team open the Mobile App it will take them straight to the To-Do List so they can complete their forms. 

The Mobile Home Screen will still be accessible on the Mobile, but it won't be the default screen.

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