Using Summary Reports

Summary Reports can be used to get a quick insight into what's happening in your business

On the Reports Tab, you'll find the Summary Reports page, offering an insightful overview of essential topics.

  • Sites 
  • Training 
  • Blues Notes 
  • Corrective Actions and more

These reports will either show a count of the respective Form Category or a Summary of the relative data. To explore the data in more detail, simply click on the Eye Icon next to a completed Form or jump over to the Form Reports page. 

You can also export the information by downloading, emailing, or printing directly from this page.

Filtering & Sort Summary Reports

You can filter your Reports page in multiple ways: 

Sort Summary Reports Click the Settings wheel in the top right corner to re-order Summary Reports.
Click the eye icon to hide any reports that aren't relevant to you. 

Select Site(s) Once you've opened the Summary Report select one or multiple sites to filter your report by Sites. 

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