Restricted Group Admin Users

Group Admin Users have access to the Group Admin and can be set up to receive specialised Reports. 

Group Admins can access all the areas in your Group. This means that they can add/edit Forms, Suppliers, User Groups, and Resources. They can also add other Group Admins. 

In this article:

Setting up Restricted Group Admin 

If you have Group Admins who only need to see specific accounts in your Account you can set them up to be a Restricted Group Admin. This means that when they login to the Group Admin Login they will only see the Accounts assigned to them. 

To do this:

  1. Log in to the Group 
  2. Go to Group Admin Users Tab
  3. Click on the Orange Plus Button 
  4. Upload the User's email etc. 
  5. Select the button that says Restricted Group Admin 
  6. Scroll down and Select the Accounts they need to be able to see from the Group 
  7. If you would like them to receive a Weekly Summary Email of their Accounts select that option

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