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Efficiently complete comprehensive forms such as Incident Reports and SWMS using your laptop or a desktop

Feature Alert: This feature is available for Professional, Premium & Enterprise Packs. For more information check out our pricing page
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How to Access & Use the App on the Web

Our web browser access to our mobile app lets the user complete and edit forms such as Incident reports, SWMS, JSA etc. on a laptop/desktop enhancing the office-based workflow.

To Access the App on the Web:

  1. Log in to the Web Console
  2. Click on the Mobile Icon on the top right corner
  3. You need to Log in again to set up the App.

To Use the App on the Web: Once you have logged in the App

  1. Go to the To-do List
  2. Select the Form you would like to edit or complete
  3. Search for ad hoc forms by clicking the Orange Plus Button
  4. You can also access the Saved Form on the menu bar

User Role Access

Customers on selected plans using higher-level user roles will be able to access the mobile app through their web browser on their laptop or desktop enabling them to access the Mobile App and Admin Console simultaneously on the same device

Access to this  feature is available to the Admin, Manager, Tablet Manager, and Internal Verifier/Auditor. 

Access to this  feature is not available to Field Workers & Contractors.

Note: Auto-login is available for the App on the Web but requires manual login the first time on your laptop or desktop. After the initial manual login, subsequent logins on the same device will auto-login.

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