Workflows & Permits

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The Workflow process streamlines health & safety procedures by leveraging digital tools and automation

Workflow management for health and safety aims to digitize and automate processes, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, and achieving operational efficiencies by reducing delays between steps through auto-assignment and notifications. This digital process provides Health & Safety managers full traceability and support in managing, recording, and documenting the happenings on a construction site. The system allows for easy reporting of incidents, recording activities, and requesting approvals for applications like permits or training requests. 

To streamline the workflow and approvals, additional forms can be added to manage processes like incidents where the severity may require further investigation and reporting. This efficient system ensures that the right people can be promptly notified of the next required action, thus reducing wasted time.

The following guide will walk you through setting up the workflow and approval system efficiently

Step-by-Step Guide:

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