Creating a Quiz

A quiz is a great way to ensure your workers understand their training.

Creating a quiz is similar to creating a custom form, however, you only have two question types. 

Quizzes can be a great way to create training content for your team, here are some examples: 

  • Upload a Resource for your team to view then create a quiz based on the Resource 
  • New Toolbox topic discussed, quiz the team on the topics 
  • Induct new employees with a quiz to ensure they've absorbed what to do on-site

To create a quiz:

  1. Click on Forms on the left-hand side of the Dashboard
  2. Click the orange plus button to create a new form 
  3. Tick the box This form is to be used as a quiz
  4. Fill in the form details - give the quiz a name, add a description (optional) and a meta-tag (a way to categorise and filter your forms)
  5. Click on the add question icon
  6. In the question box, write your question and add a suitable prompt, e.g. Choose the correct answer
  7. Select the type of question. You have two types to choose from, either Yes/No or multi-choice.
  8. Once you have selected the type of question (and added the possible answers if you selected multichoice), you must select the correct answer for your question below

Note: All questions in a quiz are set to required - they must be answered to save the form. A quiz can not be scheduled, they are set to Ad Hoc. 

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