Viewing Completed Forms

All Forms Completed on the App can be accessed from the 'Completed Forms Page'

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View Completed Forms

  1. Click on Reports on the menubar on the dashboard
  2. At the top, Click on the Completed Forms tab
  3. View the list of all completed forms.
  4. Click on the Eye icon to view a particular form

This will bring up the pop-up box where you can see the answers to the form, you can also email and print the form if needed.

Using Advanced Search 

You can use advanced search to find specific answers in a form. For example, if you are looking for a certain piece of equipment or a specific hazard that has been highlighted in a form.

  1. Go to Completed Forms 
  2. Click Advanced Search
  3. Search for the answer within the form
  4. Filter through the answers & click the view icon to open the form 

Using Report Filters

You can filter your Completed Form Reports page in multiple ways: 

Filter Results This is a search bar, type in keywords to refine your search.
Select Site(s) Select one or multiple sites to filter your view by Sites.
Filter by Form Category Select one Form Category at a time to refine your search by a group of forms e.g. Incidents, Training. 

Export Completed Forms

You can export individual completed forms as a PDF or you can export the whole page as a CSV. 

  • Click the view icon next to the form to open it & click the print or email icon to export the form as a PDF 
  • Click the download icon in the top right corner to export your completed forms page as a CSV. Manipulate the data as you need to report on who completed the most forms, the most common form completed, and the number of forms completed per site. If you need to Delete Completed forms, head to our article on Deleting Completed Forms
  • To download complete Forms with large file sizes will be accessible via an email link valid for 7 days.

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