Deleting Completed Forms

If your team completes a Form that you no longer want stored in Site App Pro you can delete this completed form from your Reports.

When a form is completed in Site App Pro it is automatically stored in the Reports page on your Admin Console. If a mistake is made or the wrong form has been completed a user with the role Admin can delete these. 

  1. Log into the Admin Console (computer side) and select the form you want to delete either from the Activity Stream, Completed Forms or from anywhere you can access your forms. 
  2. You can open these by clicking on the Form itself or the eye icon next to the Form.
  3. If you are an Admin user, you will see a bin (trash) icon in the top right corner
  4. Select the bin icon
  5. As deleting a form is permanent and cannot be reversed you must be sure you've selected the right one! If you've confirmed this enter 'delete'
  6. Once entered selected Delete Forever and your form is deleted! Or Cancel if you change your mind. 
Note: While you can delete any completed forms of any type or category, there are some implications for specific form types, reporting and statistics: Removing a form that updates a date field will not remove the updated date. 

Example: A staff induction form is completed, and the staff induction date is updated on the staff record. Once removed the form will no longer exist but the date will remain on the staff record. This also applies to equipment maintenance.

Statistics may show the form as completed on the Dashboard as these are generated when the form is originally completed.

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