Check In and Check Out

The Check In and Check Out buttons provide a convenient way to keep track of who is on-site.

Feature Alert: This feature is only available to Professional, Premium & Enterprise packs. For more information check out our pricing page.

The Check In and Check Out feature is one method within Site App Pro to keep track of when users visit a particular site. 

When your team gets to a site they will simply: 

  1. Select the Site they are working on 
  2. Click the check-in button to check-in 

From the dashboard, managers and admins can see notifications in the activity stream of any CheckIns or Check Outs. These also generate a form report after a user Checks Out, which displays the time the user checks in and out and how close to the site they were at the time.

Turning on Check In & Out

  1. Click on the My Business tab on the dashboard.
  2. Tick the Check In box 
  3. Click Save at the bottom of the page

The Check-In feature is now enabled, and users on the mobile will be able to see the Check In button (they may need to log out and log back in first). It can be disabled at any time by un-ticking the check in box.

Checking In and Out on the mobile:

  1. From the diary page, click on the icon in the bottom left corner.
  2. Click on the orange check-in button.
  3. When you are leaving the site click the icon in the bottom left again, and click the orange check out button.
  4. You can view if you are checked in by the icon in the top right corner 

If a location has been specified for a site and the mobile application knows that you are greater than 1000 metres away from the location, you will be asked to confirm that you are checking in. If you are checked in to one site, then change to another site, you will be given the option to Check out, or to change sites without checking out. You can only be checked in to one site at once. 

Who's Checked-in On-site

It's important to know who's currently on site in case of an emergency. If you do need to know this: 

  1. Select the site you want to know who's checked in on 
  2. Click the Menu Icon in the top left corner 
  3. Click Sites (or job, customer, project etc) 
  4. Click checkins in the top right corner 

This will show who is currently checked in on the Site, once they have checked out they will no longer show on the list. 

Note: This list will not contain any Users who were/are out of network coverage when they check in. They will not show up on the list. 

Viewing Check Ins from the web:

Check-ins and check-out are displayed in the Activities Stream on the Dashboard. To view a summary of check-in information in the reporting section:

  1. Click on the Reports tab on the menu on the left.
  2. Click on the Form Reports page.
  3. Filter by form name Check In Check Out.
  4. Click on the orange page icon.

You will now have a list of all check in or check outs, which can be filtered by site and also sorted by user name. This list shows all the information that is collected by the Check In buttons such as the time of check in and the distance to the site, as well as the check out time, total time spent on site and distance. 

Setting Check In as the home screen:

You can also set the check in screen as the main home page your team sees immediately after signing. This makes it even quicker for them to check in:

  1. Click on Business Detail
  2. Scroll down to the Mobile Home Page settings 
  3. Switch from 'Diary' to 'Check-in'
  4. Click Save

You will now see the following as the home screen:

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