Using Form Reports

Generate reports off each of your forms to analyse activity and keep on top of your Health & Safety 

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Using Form Reports

The Form Reports page allows you to generate reports for any form you have completed in Site App Pro. 

  1. Go to Reports
  2. Select Form Reports from the top of the page.
  3. Choose your date range from This Month, Last 7 Days, This Week or Custom.
  4. Scroll down to open a Form Report or use 'Filter Forms' to find the Form Report that you want to open.
  5. To generate a report click the Orange 'Page' at the end of the row.
  6. You can now view individual forms completed in that report by clicking the 'View' Icon at the end of each row. 
  7. If you want to share, print or download the report, click the buttons in the top right corner. 

You can also choose what questions you want to include in your report, you can change this by clicking the 'Show Columns' drop-down and selecting the columns you want to show. E.g. I don't want to show the date or who last modified the form. 

Note: If you are trying to print a report that has many questions (columns) you can hide some of the columns to reduce the width of the report. You can select the fields that are of the most importance and print those in the report.

Viewing Blue Notes in Form Reports

From the Form Reports page, conveniently track any Blue Notes or Exceptions, enabling you to delve into reports that require corrective action and ensure they have been addressed. Additionally, you can apply a filter to your Form Report by toggling the 'contains blue note' option, allowing you to focus specifically on forms with Blue Notes.

Don't forget to change the date range to view the forms with blue notes for a specific time period. 

Filtering Form Reports

You can filter your Reports page in multiple ways: 

Show Unused Forms
Tick the box to view any forms that have been turned off on the Forms Page.
Filter Forms

This is a search bar, type in keywords to refine your search on your Reports page.
Select Site(s) Once you've opened a Form Report select one or multiple sites to filter your report by Sites. Export the PDF or CSV that reflects the Site Filter you've selected.
Filter Answers Refine your search based on an answer you're looking for e.g. common incident or Hazard you are investigating
Contains Blue Note(s) Click the toggle to only show forms that contain a blue note

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