Using Blue Notes and Exceptions

 A Blue Note or Exception is a note you can add to a form when something unexpected happens

You have the option to utilize Blue Notes and Exceptions while filling in a form. These features enable you to add additional notes to explain any exceptional occurrences during the form submission. You can enhance the workflow by setting up notifications to be alerted whenever a Blue Note is added. Additionally, you can assign follow-up actions to Blue Notes, ensuring that specific staff members are responsible for closing the corrective action loop.

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Adding a Blue Note or Exception

A Blue Note or Exception can be added to a form at any time, this is done when something out of the ordinary has happened or you want to make a note of something. 

To add a standard Blue Note: 

  1. Open the form on the App 
  2. Click the Blue Note icon in the bottom left corner

Make sure you fill in some of the forms before saving the Blue Note, you can't just add a Blue Note to a form without any completed questions. You can also add a Blue Note by adding the Reason in a Y/N + Reason or N / Y + Reason answer type.

Reason Blue Notes 

If your form uses the Reason answer types, then when a reason is added this is seen as a Blue Note. 

  • N/Y + Reason | When the answer is YES then you are forced to add a Reason explaining why. This Reason is displayed as a Blue Note 
  • Y/N + Reason | When the answer is NO then you are forced to add a Reason explaining why. This Reason is displayed as a Blue Note 

Adding a Blue Note to a Question

You can add a Blue Note or Action to multiple different answer types. Just click the three dots in the yellow icon from within your form.

Once you've added the Blue Note, it will work the same as all other Notes or Exceptions, it will be displayed on all reports pages as a Blue Note next to the related answer. 

Viewing a Blue Note or Exception

Once a Blue Note has been added to a form, you can spot these in a few different ways. It's best to stay on top of these as they can be an outlet for your staff to reach out to let you know something out of the ordinary is happening. It's best to get on top of these to solve them straight away. 

In the App 

You can easily spot scheduled forms with Blue Notes added to them as they show the Blue Note icon on them & the top right corner of the form will show Blue. 

If you add a Blue Note to an Ad Hoc form or you just want to see all Blue Notes or Exceptions added that day, you can click the Blue Note icon at the top of your Daily Diary screen.

Activity Stream 

When you log in to the Admin Console and look at your Dashboard, you can monitor any Blue Notes or Exceptions added from here. Keep an eye out for the Blue Note icon, or filter the activity stream by Blue Notes so you can check in on all of them. 


View the Blue Notes in your Reports whether it's a Completed Form, Form Report or a Completed Calendar Report. You can even get a report of all of your Blue Notes or Exceptions on the Summary Reports page. 

Blue Note Notifications

Get an email or push notification as soon as a Blue Note or Exception has been added. This can be set up for any Site App Pro user (a staff member with a login) in the User Notifications section. 

To do this: 

  1. Log in to the Admin Console (Web Browser) 
  2. Go to Team & Users 
  3. Click the pencil icon next to your User 
  4. Scroll down to User Notifications 
  5. Tick the notifications you would like to receive 

Blue Note Snippets

Noticing your team constantly using the same reasons or Blue Note explanations? Or do you like to file your Exceptions and Blue Notes in a certain way? You can use Blue Note Snippets to give your staff a selection of pre-added answers to add as a Blue Note. 

This can save your Staff time instead of having to constantly write out the same explanation each time they add a Blue Note. It could also help you sort out your reasons when it comes to reporting time. 

To add in a Blue Notes Snippet

  1. Log in to the Admin Console (computer login) 
  2. Click on the Resources Tab
  3. Click the tab at the top labelled Fault Reasons/Corrective Actions 
  4. Click the orange plus button 
  5. Add a Code and Description 
  6. Select the Form Type that the exception relates to (Blue Notes and Exceptions would vary a lot depending on the form type, this way you can only display the Blue Notes relevant to the type of Form you are completing) 
  7. Select a Category 

Once these have been added you will be able to add them as a Blue Note on the app, simply click the Insert a code/text snippet button when adding a Blue Note or Exception and select from the list that appears.

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