Adding Goods and Service Suppliers (Contractors)

You can use Site App Pro to manage your suppliers/contractors who provide you with goods or services, perform maintenance tasks, and visit your work sites 

Site App Pro provides you with an ad-hoc 'Delivery Record' form that you can fill in from the mobile application whenever you receive a delivery. You can also add a photograph of the delivery docket which will help if you ever need to trace deliveries. To use this form it is important that you list your regular suppliers on the Suppliers page.

In this article: 

Adding Suppliers/Contractors

  1. Add one or more new suppliers by choosing 'Suppliers' from the Main menu on the Administration Console
  2. Click the orange plus button
  3. Select either single supplier or bulk upload supplier  

Adding a Single Supplier

  1. Select a supplier type: Goods - suppliers who provide goods to your business or Services - contractors/companies that provide maintenance work etc .
  2. Capture as many details as you need. Those fields with an asterisk (*) are required.  
  3. You need to list the type of items or service that the company provides e.g. concrete, timber

  4. You can enter the supplier's or contractor's certificate, showing if they are a certified supplier. You can monitor the supplier's certificates from your Dashboard on the Administration Console, showing when their certificate expires so you can keep your records up to date. 

  5. You can also attach resources directly to a Supplier. If you want to attach a supplier certificate or other resources click the plus button by 'Resources'. If you need more help with attaching resources click here

Note: If you enter a phone number or email address for a Supplier then when you navigate to suppliers on the tablet you will be able to use these details to make a call or send an email to the supplier.

Using Bulk Upload

If you have many suppliers/contractors and already have a list of them in Microsoft Excel or another file format you may save some time by using the bulk upload feature. Click here to learn how to bulk upload

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