Adding Users & Team

Set your team up as a User to give them access to the Computer login or Mobile App. Alternatively, you can set your team up as a Team member to store their records in your Site App account. 

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Are you using Site App Pro for Contractor Management? Add your Contractors as Users and then check out our Adding Suppliers and Contractors article. 

Do you need to view their Training history? Then check out our article on Training History.

Here's more information on your User's Engagement Score.

What is a User or Team member? 


  • A person who requires a login for the Site App to access reports, customize their account, or fill out/view forms on the Mobile App.
  • The number of users you can have is limited by the payment plan you selected.
  • A user can complete forms, receive notifications, log in to the App or Web (depending on their user role), customise their account, view reports
  • Needs an email address to be able to log in 
  • Store training records or documents against their profile
  • You can bulk-upload Users
  • Can be added from the Web & Mobile 

Team member

  • A team member is someone who won't be able to access Site App Pro. 
  • You can add their record purely to store their details, training records, or documentation against them. 
  • You can convert a Team member to a User 
  • You can bulk-upload Team members
  • Can only be added from the Web 

Add a User or Contractor

When a new user is set up they get sent two emails:  

  1. Introducing them to Site App Pro and
  2. Giving them the option to reset their password (which expires in 2 hours)

We recommend having a quick team meeting to introduce the users to Site App Pro, that way you can show them how they will need to use the App too💡

Set up Users 
  1. Log in to the Web Console (Computer) 
  2. Click on Team & Users on the main menu 
  3. Click the Orange plus button to add the new user
  4. Click the User icon
  5. Add their Name, email & password, then select their user role
  6. Select the user notifications you want them to receive 
  7. Do you have any User-specific resources e.g. Site Safe Passports? Attach these as a Resource

Set up Contractor

If you want to give access to your contractors to complete forms in Site App Pro, then you need to set them up as a User. Once you've set them up, you can then link them to their Subcontractor profile. 

To do this:

  1. Set up your Subcontractor Profile first
  2. Go to Team & Users 
  3. Edit the Pencil icon to open the User profile (or add a new one) 
  4. Go to the Supplier/Subcontractor section 
  5. Select the relevant Supplier/Subcontractor 
  6. SAVE

Add a new User from the Mobile App 

If you need to add Users on the fly, you can add them from your Mobile App. Only Admin, Managers & Tablet Managers can add users from the Mobile. 

  1. Login to the App 
  2. Click the Three lines in the top left corner to open the menu 
  3. Go to Users 
  4. Click the Orange plus button to add a new user 
  5. Add First name, Last Name, and Email Address, and select the Role 
  6. Click Generate QR Invite 

The user you are adding can simply scan the QR Code which will automatically download the app from the App Store & automatically log them into the Site they were added from. 

Note: Since you don't need to set the user a password, they will need to reset their password in their own time. That way if they log out they can access the app again with their password. 

Change a User's email address

An Admin or Manager can change a user email address from the Admin Console (Computer login). 

  1. Log in to the Admin Console (Computer login) 
  2. Go to Team & Users 
  3. Click the Pencil icon next to a User 
  4. Click Change next to the email address 
  5. Type in the New email address 
  6. Save

Add a Team Member

If you have staff who aren't using Site App Pro, but you still want to store their training records or documents, then you can set them up as a Team Member. 

To do this:

  1. Log in to Web Console
  2. Go to Teams & Users
  3. Click on Orange Plus button
  4. Select the staff member button
  5. Fill in the details
  6. Save & Done!

Deleting Users & Team

You can choose to delete (archive) one or more users and reactivate them if needed.

To Delete Single User:

  1. Log in to the Web Console
  2. Go to the Teams & Users Tab
  3. Go to or Search for the User
  4. Click the Trash can icon next to the user's name 
  5. Done!

To Delete Multiple Users:

  1. Log in to the Web Console
  2. Go to the Teams & Users Tab
  3. Click on the Bulk Delete Mode
  4. Select the Check box
  5. Click on the Orange Delete Record button
  6. Type Delete to confirm
  7. Done!
Note: You must have Manager or Admin access to delete Users

Note: This will only archive a User, so if they come back to work for you their information all of their information will still be stored ( any attached resources will be permanently deleted when a User is archived). 

Converting Team to Users

If you have set up someone as a Team Member, but need them to have User access to login to Site App Pro, you can convert them to a User. 

To do this:

  1. Log in to Web Console
  2. Go to Teams & Users
  3. Click the Pencil Icon to edit the user
  4. Click on the Add User Login button
  5. Fill in the Mandatory details
  6. Assign User Roles
  7. Save

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