Adding or Changing Users

Set up Users to give them access to login to Site App Pro

Give your team access to your Site App Pro account by adding them as a User. 

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What is a User?

A user is someone who you need to have access to Site App Pro on their own device. This is someone who will get their own login details to either the App, Admin Console or both. 

When adding a User you'll need to have their: 

  • Email Address
  • Set a Password
  • First Name 
  • Last Name 

When someone is set up as a User they are able to login to the App or Admin Console and start to complete their Health & Safety.

Everyone uses Site App Pro differently, so if you need advice on how to set up your users have a chat with our team at 😁

Add New User:

When a new user is set up they get sent two emails:  

  1. Introducing them to Site App Pro
  2. Giving them an option to reset their password (which expires in 2 hours)

We recommend having a quick team meeting introducing the users to Site App Pro, that way you can show them how they will need to use the App too💡

To set up Users:

  1. Login to the Administration Console (Computer) 
  2. Click on Team & Users on the main menu 

  3. Click the orange plus button to add the new user
  4. Click the User icon

  5. Pop in their name, email & password, then select their user role
  6. Select the user notifications you want them to receive 
  7. Do you have any user-specific resources e.g. Site Safe Passports? Attach these as a Resource

Need to delete a User?

Deleting User's is super simple, you just need to: 

  1. Go back to the Team & Users page
  2. Click the trash can icon next to the user's name 

You must have Manager or Admin access to delete Users. This will only archive a User, so if they come back to work for you their information all of their information will still be stored (any attached resources will be permanently deleted when a User is archived)

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