Changing your Work Activities

Change the Hazards & Controls available to you by updating your Work Activities

When you first set up Site App Pro you may have gone through our Setup Wizard and set your work activities. This is where you can select the Work Activities that suit your business, by doing this we select Risks/Hazards and Action Control Measures that suit your business. 

Change your Site Safety Template

  1. Log in to the Web Console (computer login)
  2. Go to the My Business Tab 
  3. Click Site Safety Template
  4. Click Run Wizard
  5. Select the Work Activity 
  6. Review the list and select the Risks/Hazards that you want to use
  7. Click Complete Setup


If you make changes to your Work Activities, it may also impact your Forms, Risks/Hazards, and Control Measures.  Any custom Forms, Risks/Hazards, or Action Control Measures that you added will not be lost during this process, but you will need to delete them manually if you wish to remove them.

Once you've changed your work activities you'll have to log out and log back in to update your changes, you can then see the changes by: 

  • Viewing your Risks/Hazards by going to Resources and then to Risks/Hazards
  • Viewing your Action Control Measures by going to Resources and then to Action Control Measures
Note: Don't see a form or risk/hazard that you need? Here's how you can make your own Custom Forms or Risks/Hazards that are specific to your business.

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