Completing a Form on the App

You can complete your Health & Safety forms on the App. Site App Pro uses forms to capture this information.

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Completing a Form

You can complete forms on the app and sign them off using your 4 digit pin number to show who completed the form. 

  1. Click on the form you need to complete
  2. Answer the questions required 
  3. Click Save Final once the form is complete
  4. Select your name from the list 
  5. Enter your 4 digit pin number

Note: Different staff members can complete questions in the same form; when a question is answered by one staff member the form can be saved as draft and completed later by another staff member.

Navigating around my Forms

Feature Alert: Check-In & Out Forms are only available in Professional and Enterprise packs. For more information check out our pricing page.

Depending on how your account is set up, there are a few different ways to navigate around your Forms: 

  • Scheduled Forms - you can complete scheduled forms that are found on the Dairy - Checklists screen. Here you can navigate around the Daily, Weekly and Monthly scheduled forms. These forms allow you to complete one of these forms per site and are best suited when you have one person complete Health & Safety on behalf of the team. 

- or - 

  • Check-In & Out Forms - these forms are set per user. These forms are used if everyone in your team is expected to complete Health & Safety forms on-site individually. You'll find these forms by clicking the check-in button or by navigating to the Home screen. 

Ad Hoc Forms 

To find any additional forms on the App you can access the Ad Hoc forms, these act as a Form Library on the app that you can access at any time throughout the day and as many times as you need. 

Some of these forms will include: 

  • Near Miss 
  • Site Injury & Incident Register
  • Emergency Plan
  • Staff Training 
  • And more... If you want to take a deep dive into Ad Hoc forms, check out this article here

Don't forget to favourite the forms you will use the most, hit the star icon to do this. 

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