Completing a Form on the App

Complete your Health & Safety forms on the App. Site App Pro uses forms to capture this information.

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Completing a Form

You can complete forms on the Mobile App, the forms will be signed off under the User you are logged in as. 

  1. Go to the To-Do List 
  2. Click on the form you need to complete
  3. Answer the questions required 
  4. Click Save Final once the form is completed

Note: If you want to sign off additional staff in a Form then you will need to add a sign-off question to your form. Use the answer type Multi-Select from Staff List to select multiple additional team members that need to acknowledge the form. 

Navigating around a Form

There are a lot of powerful features that allow you to notify, escalate or add additional details to your Form. 

  • Blue Note - add additional notes to the form using the Blue Note feature. Users can be set up to be notified when any blue note is added. 
  • Photo - attach a photo to your question. After you've answered a question a photo icon will appear to upload a photo from your library or add one from your device's camera. 
  • Corrective Action - you can add a Corrective Action through the Blue Note feature. Corrective Actions can be used to assign tasks, forms or follow-up steps to other users in your Organisation. Simply click the Blue Note icon in the bottom right corner to the Corrective Action Button. 
  • Attach Blue Note or Corrective Action to a Question - once a question has been answered you will see three dots appear. Click the dots to attach either a Note (Blue Note) or an Action (Corrective Action) to the question. 
  • Form Settings - click the three dots in the top right corner to access additional form settings. From here you'll be able to, email the form to an email address, search for an answer within the form or view additional technical details about the form. 

Save a Draft Form

A form is made up of required and optional questions. All required questions need to be completed before being able to 'Save Final', if one or more required questions are left unanswered then you will save the form as a 'Draft'. 

Required questions are indicated in the form with a Red Icon in the top right corner. 

Editing or Viewing Completed Forms

You may want to view or edit a completed form on the Mobile App, whether you want to remind yourself of the information added to the form, or you want to complete the Draft Version of the form. 

There are two ways to view completed forms

  • If it's scheduled, the form will stay on your To-Do List until its scheduled period is over. Simply click back into the form to view or update it 
  • If the form was Ad Hoc or no longer shows on your To-Do List then you can view it from Saved Forms
    • Go to the Mobile Menu (three lines in the top left corner) 
    • Go to Saved Forms

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