Resources Approval Process

Add Documents and Links to Your Site App Pro Resource Library for Seamless Sharing with Team and Subcontractors

Feature Alert: This feature is available for Professional, Premium and Enterprise Customers in Australia, US & Canada. For more information check out our pricing page. New Zealand is Beta only for more information contact our support team

Our document approval workflow in Site App Pro ensures contractors submit necessary documents before arriving on-site. Expired documents trigger notifications for updates. All new documents undergo approval. Our privacy settings allow customization, restricting visibility to only your team and the contractor's company, providing peace of mind.

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Documents Tab

The Documents tab provides an overview of all resources generated by the administrator or submitted by subcontractors. It also displays whether a resource has been shared with subcontractors and their viewing status. Moreover, you can check the approval or rejection status of the submitted documents.

Grey Share Icon This indicates that the document is shared with at least one Subcontractor
Orange Share Icon This means that the document is shared with all the Subcontractor

Resource Approval Tab

Find all submitted documents in the Resource Approval Tab within the Resource Section of the Webconsole. This tab streamlines the process of document validation, making it easy for reviewers to access and evaluate all documents in one place. 

Resource Approval Process

All newly uploaded documents will consistently undergo the approval process, guaranteeing the currency of all files. Additionally, documents uploaded by contractors remain visible exclusively to you, your team, and their respective companies, maintaining privacy among contractor companies.

To do this:

  1. Log in to the Web Console
  2. Got to the Resources Tab
  3. Click on the Resource Approvals
  4. Click on the Review Button
  5. Simply click the 'Reject' or 'Approve' button. You also have the option to provide a reason for rejection.
Note: Only Users with Document Approval access will have the ability to Approve or Reject the Documents from Subcontractors

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