Visitor Check-in & Out

A quick & paperless way to get your Visitors to check-in & out of site

Feature Alert: This feature is only available for the Professional, Premium, and Enterprise packs. For more information head to your Billing Portal.

Using a QR code poster, you can check your Visitors in and out of site with ease. Users who are set up in your account will still use the in app Check In & Out feature, however this way you can have visibility over both visitors and users on site at all times. 

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Setting up takes just 2 easy steps
  1. Set up QR posters for your entrances and print the posters out for your visitors to scan.
  2. Visitors scan the code before they enter your premises. Their details are logged for you in your Site for you to export or view if needed. 

All public data is encrypted on users' phones and when stored for your Entry Points.

Setting Up QR Code Posters

  1. Login to the Admin Console 
  2. Click Site
  3. Click the pencil icon next to an already existing site (or make a new site from scratch) 
  4. Click Visitor Register
  5. Click on the Add QR Code to add an entranceway. Add the name of your entry point - Site App Pro will add your business name automatically
  6. You can add an optional custom note for each site if required e.g. ‘Please call the Site Supervisor when you arrive to site...’. This can be any additional statement/instructions or customer acknowledgement specific to a business or entry point, or simply could be “Thanks for supporting our business!”
  7. Print out the QR poster to put at your entrance by clicking on the printer icon

Checking In & Out

When Visitors arrive on Site they will be able to scan the QR code to check in, they can scan the QR code by using a QR scanner app or by using the camera on their smartphone. This will drop down a link for them to click on where they can fill in their details to check in to site: 

  • First Name (Required)
  • Last Name (Required)
  • Email
  • Phone 
  • Company Name

Once they click GO, they will be checked in and get a "thumbs up" to show they have been successfully registered.  They can show you this before they enter your premises if needed. 

They can then  check out of Site by scanning the QR Code again or by opening the link up if it's still open on their device and clicking DEPART. 

Viewing Visitor Check-ins 

You can view all visitors that have checked in & out of site in the past from the Visitor Register page. Simply click View Visits and change the Date Range to view the visits from a specific time. 

You can also view the Visitors that are currently checked in on site from the Mobile App. This is in the same place where you can see the currently checked in Users. This is perfect if you have an Emergency and need to quickly know everyone who is on site: It's important to know who's currently on site in case of an emergency. If you do need to know this: 

  1. Select the site you want to know who's checked in on 
  2. Click the Menu Icon in the top left corner 
  3. Click Sites (or job, customer, project etc) 
  4. Select the Site you want to view
  5. Click checkins in the top right corner 

This will show who is currently checked in on the Site, once they have checked out they will no longer show on the list. 

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