Release Notes for November 2021

New Payments and Billing Portal, Dashboard Site Map, Improved Pinned Forms and More in Site App Pro 2.6.4!

Billing & Payments Portal

We've partnered with Stripe to bring you a whole new billing and payments portal accessible from within Site App Pro. This portal brings you the security and power of Stripe’s world-class payments platform.

You'll be able to:

  • View and update your billing details
  • Check invoices and receipts
  • Review upcoming payments
  • Upgrade your plan to our new payment plans - more info here

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Dashboard Site Map

For Premium plan customers we've created an intuitive and powerful Site Map that displays all your active sites, jobs or customers, and allows you to check who's checked in and update any details directly from the Dashboard. 

This is available for our larger accounts and is great for keeping on top of your work locations.

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Pinned Forms

We've further enhanced and improved our pinned form feature!

  • We've added additional form slots depending on your payment plan.
  • Added more flexibility by removing the headers and allowing you to select any completed form from the past 12 months (or a blank one too)
  • If you’re interested in utilising more pinned forms for your team, get in touch with us!

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Site App Pro Goes Global

We’ve launched Site App Pro globally, and we’re bringing with it a host of enhancements and language and region support:

  • Full international timezone support
  • Language and region updates
  • New onboarding experience

Corrective Actions

You can now see when and by whom a Corrective Action was actioned or updated. Great for seeing when a Corrective Action was started or who set it to 'Done'. 

This will only show on the web for now, with updates to the mobile coming soon.

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Under the Hood:

  • You can now upload resources upto 5MB (up from just 2MB)
  • We’ve improved how the Dashboard statistics are calculated so you can be sure they’re correct, no matter which region you’re in.
  • The Sign In experience has been improved for users who have multi-account logins, selecting different accounts is now clearer and any issues you might have seen here have been ironed out.
  • We’ve made some security and feature improvements to our Zapier integration.
  • We’ve also had the exterminators in and knocked off heaps of bugs and spent some time oiling the cogs to help give you some great performance improvements!

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