Viewing Dashboard Site Map

View and access your Sites from the Dashboard using the Site Map

Feature Alert: This feature is only available for the Premium & Enterprise plans. For more information check out our pricing page

You can now visualise all of your sites using the Site Map tool on your Dashboard. Use the Site Map to view all active & inactive sites, view all recent check-ins on that site or access the site information from the map. 

You can also use the Site Map to view a job remotely, use the maps satellite view to see the street view of the job to identify access points or view surroundings. 

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Navigating the Site Map

Using a Google Maps plugin, you can navigate around the Site Map on your dashboard. When the map is zoomed out you will see blue markers indicating how many active sites you have in that area, the red marker icons indicate one site - click on these for more site information.

Look out for these icons: 

  • +/- | These icons in the bottom right corner allow you to zoom in and out of the Site Map. Zoom out to see a count of all jobs per area, and zoom in the view the location of specific jobs. 
  • Pegman | Drag the yellow peg man (found in the bottom right corner) to the location of your job. This will zoom into a street view for you to navigate around the job closely. This will allow you to view a detailed location of the site before getting to your site. 
  • Fullscreen Icon | Click the square full-screen icon (in the top right corner) to open the map in full screen. 
  • Blue Marker | Blue markers will show the number of how many sites are in that area. Click on the marker to zoom into that location. 
  • Red Marker | Red markers indicate one job. If the red marker has a line through it, then it indicates an inactive job.  

Moving around the Map: 

Use your mouse to move around the map, click and drag to move the map in different directions or scroll on your mouse to zoom in and out. 

Note: the Site Map won't show any archived jobs or jobs added without an address. If you are using a Zapier connection then you will need to update your Site address on the Sites page to be able to use this feature. 

Viewing Site Information

Use the Red Marker icon to view site information on specific jobs. Zoom into the site or click on the blue markers to find your individual sites. 

When you click on a red marker it will give you a site summary pop up, from here you can: 

  • Read the snippet of Site Information that is displayed. 
  • Click the orange marker to view everyone who is currently checked in on that site. This will show only people who are checked in right now, to view your check-in and out report head over to your Form Reports page.
  • Click the grey marker to view or edit Site information. This will take you to your site's page to make any necessary changes. 

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