Frequently Asked Questions

Site App Pro Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why am I getting orange circles beside my forms?

A. Some fields on a form are required. These are displayed with a * beside the question. If a form is saved without some of these required fields completed it will show an orange circle beside it. You can partially complete a form in the mobile application and then open it again later and complete the form. For example, you may be interrupted when filling in a form.  

Q. Why can’t I edit some of the fields in the template form?

A. Some fields on a form have no “rubbish bin” beside them and show a padlock icon. These fields (either text or questions) are locked and cannot be deleted. These fields and questions are locked because your group administrator has decided that these are mandatory fields.

Q. What file formats can I upload as a Resource?


Q. How do I manage Closed Days and Seasonal Closures?

A. There are several parts to this question and answer. If you are closed every Sunday and Monday then you may want to alter your Form Schedules so that daily scheduled forms do not appear on those days of the week in the mobile application (See the Scheduling a Form article). If you only open over some summer months then when you close for the season you may want to alter your Form Schedules to turn off all your forms and then go back and turn them on again just before you re-open. 

Q. Can I fill out forms when logging in from the Administration Console (Web Browser)?

A. Forms are only completed from the mobile application, either from the Daily/Weekly/Monthly Diary screens or by adding an ad-hoc form. The 'Dashboard Activity Stream' and the 'Reports, 'Completed Forms' pages in the web-based Admin Console show you a summary and the detail of the forms that have been completed but, (at least at this point in time) you cannot complete a new form or edit a form from the web. 

Q.  Will Site App Pro work without a network connection or offline?

A. At the moment Site App Pro will not work offline. We have had a few requests to make this happen especially in areas where there is limited mobile coverage/patchy WiFi.  Watch this space.

Q. How do I add a photo to a Yes/No question?

A. Yes/No questions close immediatly after answering to attempt to speed up the form filling process. To add a photo to them, simply click on the question again, and the yellow photo icon will be in the bottom left corner. This process also applies to Yes/No/NA, OK/NA, Multichoice and Select from list questions.

Q. Why can I only see 30 days worth of saved forms on the mobile?

A. Downloading saved forms to a tablet slows down your device, so in order not to slow down Site App Pro too much, we only download the last 30 days.

Q. How do I reset my password?

If you use a mobile tablet, click here. If you are an admin or a manager using the web desktop, click here.

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