Release Notes for May 2021

Version Number: Web - 2.4.88, Mobile - IOS: 2.4.25, Android: 2.4.25

New Features for Admin Console and Mobile:

  • Form and Answer Analysis Dashboard | Follow trends and correlate form and answer data across your business or group!    
    • Graphically view completed forms by type or category to compare weeks' or months' of completed forms.
    • Make comparisons for all question types, form types, or answers from the past 12 months.
    • For use by managers and administrators to see an overview of your team's health and safety, gaps or trends, and make data-driven comparisons.
  • Vehicles and Road User Charges | Monitor and update the vehicle and plant in your fleet
    • List all vehicle details and identifiers in the Equipment register.
    • Add the vehicle Road User Charge rate and distance values.
    • Update RUC values via our new Road User Charge form from the mobile app.
    • Receive reminders on the dashboard and in an email when a vehicle is nearing its max RUC distance.
  • Check In Enhancements | Improved check in visibility and task! 
    • New check in home screen means your team can now check in with a single tap.
    • Enable prompts for personal forms, so that your team is taken to those forms straight after checking in.
    • New settings available from the Business Detail screen.
  • Enhanced Corrective Actions Workflow | We've overhauled our Corrective Action workflow! 
    • You can now create, track and export all Corrective Actions from the Admin Console and view and update all your required actions from a consolidated mobile view.
    • Assign priorities, users, forms, or resources and display upcoming and overdue actions on the Dashboard.
    • Actions can be raised internally by your team or externally via an auditor or verifier.
    • Ability to close off or follow-up overdue actions.
  • Audit Trail and History Logging | Ability to view changes to answers on a completed form.
    • See what changes have been made to answers on a form from the Saved Forms view.
    • Used by auditors or managers to view changes made to different answers.
    • This is able to be turned off via Business Detail settings.
  • User Role Updates | New roles and updates to current roles.
    • Tablet Manager - Device-only manager-level user that is able to view and complete sensitive form types. 
    • Internal Support - Allows our support team to generate temporary access to you organisation for one hour when you need help. We'll also notify you when this is happening!
    • External Verifier - Create a read-only user that has access to your organisation for auditing purposes.
  • Staff Training | New group level view for training.
    • Staff training viewable for a group admin for all organisations.
    • Ability to export records for reporting purposes.
  • General Enhancements | Small but mighty!
    • Reminders for monthly scheduled forms - never miss another one!
    • Non-admins can no longer edit Supplier details on the mobile.
    • No longer show turned off forms in form reports or form list.
    • Ability to search all mobile list pages.
    • Display the user who has started but not completed a form.
    • Lots of bugs have been squished.

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