What is a Group Admin?

If you have multiple sites you will need a Group Admin Login

This article will cover what it means to be a  Group Admin. Firstly, it will look at what its means to be a Group. Then it will cover what access the Group Admin has and what they can do with that access.

In this Article 

What is a Group 

Groups are used for those businesses which are a franchise or have multiple sites. Being in a group allows the different sites to be set forms, suppliers, and resources at a group level. This creates ease of access for managing your different sites!

What is Group Admin Access? 

Being a  Group Admin means that you have the ability to keep a birds eye view on all of the sites included within your group.

 A  Group Admin has the ability to 
  1. Add suppliers across all sites
  2. Add forms across all sites
  3. Add resources across all sites
  4. They can use the pencil icon to look at deeper into an individual site
  5. They can see the percentage of activity across the sites and when the last form was completed

Group Admin can see each individual sites
  1. Organisational Detail | the business details of the organisation
  2. Food Plan Details | the food control plan of the organisation
  3. Closed Dates | the dates that the organisation has booked in that they are not open
  4. The Dashboard | the basic Admin Console dashboard for that organisation which provides a birds eye view of the account activity
  5. Message Logs | any and all messages that have been sent within that organisation (that haven't been deleted) 

What you can and cannot do with the Group Admin Login

  • The Group Admin login only gives you access to the Admin Console (computer side).
  • The Group Admin login does not give you access to the App
  • The  Group Admin login does not give you ability to log into each individual organisation within your Group
  •  If you want to login to each individual organisation you will need to be set up with an Admin login for each specific organisation 

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