What's new in our May 2022 Release?

Deleting completed forms, editing the site, job or project of a form, better group management and more! 

See here for the full release notes.

Deleting Completed Forms:

  • You asked we listened; administrators can now remove completed forms from your accounts via the web portal:
    • When logged in as a web Admin, select a completed form you want to remove and select the trash can icon to delete
    • Once deleted the forms cannot be retrieved so be sure before you delete them!
    • Full steps on how to do this here

Changing Sites on Completed Forms:

  • One of your team accidentally complete a form on the wrong site or job? No worries! You can now edit the site, job or project a form was completed on so you can keep all your records, reports and information correct and up to date. 
    • Full Steps on how to do this here

Group Administrators:

  • Group administrators can now create other admins who see a subset of the group's organisations. This is useful if you have regional or sector specific managers who only need to focus on a filtered view of activity.
  • Your Group Dashboard has been enhanced so that the Group Form Statistics tab lets you choose to view progress for weekly and monthly scheduled forms, as well as the daily scheduled forms shown previously. You can now also choose to exclude/include Organisation/Site specific Forms in the table.

See here for the full release notes.

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