Adding & Exporting Equipment

Add Equipment that you need to monitor and maintain such as vehicles, plant and tools to Site App Pro

As part of your Safety Plan, you need to know that your equipment is safe and well maintained. Site App Pro helps you collect and collate this information and notify you when equipment needs maintenance.

Do you maintain your equipment with an external company? If yes, make sure you add them in as a Supplier first. That way you can then link the maintainer to the equipment (this will make more sense below).

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Add Equipment

  1. Login to the Administration Console (computer) 
  2. Go to Equipment 
  3. Click the orange plus icon 
  4. Select the tools icon to add just one piece of equipment 
  5. Choose a name for each piece of equipment that your staff will recognise
  6. Choose a category from the Equipment Category list
  7. If you have entered an external maintenance supplier then choose them from the list, otherwise choose internal you can always change this later)
  8. Add a date of when it was last updated, that way it can set a maintenance schedule based on that date.
  9. If you have an equipment manual or other resources you can add these to the equipment by attaching a resource
  10. Click SAVE

Repeat this for each piece of equipment (vehicle, plant and tools). If you already have a list of your equipment then you can save time by uploading your equipment in bulk.

Time for Maintenance? 

You can use the Ad Hoc maintenance form to update overdue maintenance and log your maintenance checks. 

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